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Rio+20: Making it Happen - Volume 2, Issue 22, 5 December 2011


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Volume 2, Issue 22 of Rio+20: Making it Happen focuses on the impact of rapid urbanization on the sustainable growth of cities, one of the seven priority issues to be addressed at Rio+20. Meanwhile, the Second Intersessional Meeting of Rio+20 will soon take place on 15-16 December 2011. This newsletter highlights the compilation document and events relating to the meeting. It also features the launch of the Portuguese version of the Rio+20 website, an event hosted by the Mayor of Rio de Janiero.

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Rio+20: Making it Happen - Volume 2, Issue 22, 5 December 2011

  1. 1. Rio+20: Making it Happen Newsletter of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development 30 November 2011, Volume 2, Issue 22 Rapid Urbanization and As the monthsfast appro to AAs s Rio+20 draw near June and the Conference fast Sustainable Cities approaches, many are looking It is now clear that urbanization and forward with great expecta- sustainable cities will be a key part of the tions to the outcome docu- Rio+20 agenda. The issue of how to create ment. We will continue to use more sustainable cities is creeping higher this newsletter to highlight on the international agenda. The focus on some of the challenges cities is being driven by a number of emerging for Rio+20 to factors: the dramatic economic growth of address, besides the Confer- many emerging economies; the conse- ence themes and objective. quent rapid increase in urban-rural migra- tion; the new focus on how to grow a green economy; and finally, the likely In this Issue impacts of climate variability, namely The Asia-Pacific region is urbanizing rapidly. (UN Photo/Kibae Park) water scarcity or flooding, on cities. - Rapid Urbanization Cities are at the nexus of the development dialogue because cities are where the majority of the people on - 2nd Intersessional Meeting the planet live, work, raise families and educate their children. Experts are now considering what a set of Page 1 sustainable development goals for cities might look like. Some of the most urgent pressures that cities are under are as follows: - Portuguese Website Launched - Compilation Document Growing population pressures. On 31 October 2011, UN announced the global population had reached 7 - Major Groups Update billion people. By 2030, 60% of global population will live in cities, up from 50% in 2008, or an increase of - Upcoming Events approximately 800 million people in 20 years. Cities of China and India will account for 40% of global urban Page 2 population growth in 2005-2025 according to Urban Agglomerations (2007), a report issued by UNDESA. Water and sanitation: infrastructure challenge for developing countries. Most water/sanitation systems are designed for linear supply and disposal with no re-use. These infrastructure based systems are extraor- dinarily resource intensive and, as a result, are unaffordable to 2/3 of the cities in the world. Sustainable transport options. The challenge for cities is how to develop high quality infrastructure for mass transit and to persuade citizens to use it. Additonally, encouraging citizens to adopt non-motorized transport -- walking and biking is also a challenge. The challenge for urban planners is how to step back from uncontrolled motorization and how to reduce the high numbers of fatalities and injuries through enhanced road safety programmes. Resilience to disasters is a growing problem. Risk management is becoming a major priority for city govern- Follow Rio+20 ments because of regional climate change impacts, including drought, extreme heat events and flooding. An increase of potentially violent or dangerous weather events has the greatest implications for those residing in poor quality housing, which is frequently located in flood-prone or geologically unstable zones. In April 2011, the Twenty-third Session of the Governing Council of UN-HABITAT met in Nairobi, Kenya, Send us feedback where it called for new ways of addressing the challenges of rapid urbanization facing many countries in the world. Recently, UN-DESA also published on its website the Shangha Manual - Towards Sustainable Urban Development in the 21st Century. It contains many examples of pratical innovative solutions for sustainable urban development. Read more on sustainable cities at Quote Rio+20 Second Intersessional Meeting“Turkmenistan will also take 15-16 December 2011, UN Headquarters, New York – In a couple of weeks, Member States will gather in New York for the 2nd Intersessional Meeting of Rio+20. The two day meeting will focus on the compilation part in Rio+20. We see it as a document and the structure and format of the outcome document. The first day, participants will discuss landmark event in the process “Compilation document: comments and guidance for the zero draft outcome document,” and on the second of further progress towards day, they will discuss “Structure and format of the zero draft of the outcome document.” sustainable development At the opening session, Conference Secretary-General Sha Zukang will introduce the compilation document objectives and we intend to “ to delegates, followed by statements from political groups including the European Union and the Group of announce a number of 77 and China. proposals at this forum. - President of TURKMENISTAN Based on a call for submissions to contributions to the compilation document, with the 1 November 2011 Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov deadline, Members States and other stakeholders submitted over 600 contributions to this process. These will serve as a basis for the preparation of zero draft outcome document. More information on the 2nd Intersessional Meeting can be found at 1
  2. 2. Rio+20 Bureau Meeting 14 December 2011, New York, USA - The 19th meeting of the Bureau of the Preparatory Process for Rio+20 will take place. The Bureau will have a joint meeting with ECOSOC Bureau on a role of ECOSOC in the Rio+20 preparatory process, followed by a regular meet- ing where conducting the Second Intersessional Meeting will be discussed, among other issues. Nikhil Chandavarkar (left) addressing a group of Swedish Parliamentarians. With him is Ambassador Staffan Tillander of Sweden (Photo UN-DESA) Conference Secretary-General Sha Zukang addressing the audience in BrazilRio+20 Portuguese Website LaunchedOn 23 November 2011, Rio+20 Conference Secretary-General (CSG) Sha Zukang launched the Portu- Upcoming Eventsguese version of the official Rio+20 website, The website, available to Rio+20 Regional Preparatory MeetingPortuguese speaking countries, as part of the "Agenda G15" was developed by Instituto Humani- for ECE Regiontare, a Brazilian civil society organization in corperation with UN-DESA and DPI. Over 200 people 1 - 2 December 2011attended the event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Geneva, SwitzerlandThe new website provides access to Rio+20 news and content to over 230 million Portuguese speak- [more information]ers worldwide and “reflects Brazil’s commitment to making Rio+20 a true milestone in the journeytowards sustainable development,” stated Mr. Sha in his remarks. He added that Portuguese is the High-level Dialogue on Financing forsixth most spoken language in the world. Development 7 - 8 December 2011In a related event on “Advances and Challenges for Rio +20," held the same day at the City Palace of New York, USARio de Janeiro, Mr. Nikhil Seth, Head of the Rio+20 Secretariat called for fair and balanced participa- [more information]tion of major groups at next year’s Conference. Launch of the UNEP report “the GreenCompilation Document Economy in a Blue World” 9 December 2011In March 2011, the Rio+20 Preparatory [more information]Committee at its Second Preparatory Meetingin March requested the Bureau to initiate an Eye on Earth Summitopen, transparent and inclusive process, led by 12 - 15 December 2011member States, to prepare in a timely Abu Dhabi, UAEmanner a draft text, based upon all [more information]preparatory inputs, to serve as the basis foran outcome document for the Conference. Regional Workshop on Trade andThe draft text, also referred to as the compilation document, will serve as basis for the preparation Environment, ESCWA and partnersof a zero-draft of the outcome document, to be presented for consideration by member States and 15 - 16 December 2011other stakeholders at the 2nd Intersessional Meeting, next month. Beirut, LebanonA total of 647 inputs were submitted to the compilation document. Member States submitted 74 [more information]inputs, while major groups contributed the bulk - 493 inputs - almost 80% of the total submissions.The document is now available on our website and can be readily accessed at Sustainable Environmental Keyword searches can be conducted for all the ment in Urban Asiasubmissions. 15 - 16 December 2011 Singapore [more information]Major Groups Forum international francophone:Dont Forget...2nd Intersessional for Rio+20 Meets in December Jeunesse et emplois vertsImportant consultations will take place at the 2nd Intersessional Meeting for Rio+20. Scheduled for 16-19 January 201215 and 16 December 2011 at UN Headquarters, New York, the meeting will determine the scope Niamey, Nigerand shape of the Rio+20 outcome document. [more information]Meanwhile, a one-day workshop will also be offered for Major Groups and other stakeholders on The 3rd Annual Smart Grid Summit14 December. Designed to equip trainers, the workshop aims to enhance awareness of the themes 2012of sustainable development and build the capacity of stakeholders to engage with the Rio+20 24-25 January 2011process. Stockholm, SwedenMajor Groups delegates are strongly encouraged to avail themselves of this unique opportunity to [more information]enrich their preparations, made possible by financial support from the European Commission. Complete listing of meetings and eventsRegistration for the 2nd Intersessional Meeting is now open though the CSO Net online events available at www.uncsd2012.orgregistration system. For more information, please contact Mr. Beppe Lovoi at 2