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What Is Ropo


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Here is a presentation to initiate your colleagues, Business decision makers around the ROPO phenomena, ROPO effect, why doing Web-to-store devices...
reuse it, complete it, challenge it...
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  • Great discussion of ROPO... the next big challenge is how to measure it and create positive ROI. Mobile search is a good entry point:
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What Is Ropo

  1. 1. What is your real potential with eBusiness ?
  2. 2. The other side of eBusiness ROPO (or ROBO) Research On line, Purchase (Buy) Off line ROPO effect Web-to-store device to take opportunity from ROPO
  3. 3. ROPO Evolution ROPO is constantly growing in the Retail industry US Market, all type of sectors: 2009. Source: Google
  4. 4. ROPO Figures • 61% of Internet users (with purchase intention) visits a website before finalizing their purchase in store • Up selling: For 1$ spend on line, this customer spends 3,45$ more in the Point of sales On Car Maintenance Market 25% of customer search on line 5% buy On line 20% buy Off line 75% of customer search off line 2% buy On line 73% buy Off line For 1 purchaser On line 4 purchaser in Point of Sales
  5. 5. ROPO Customer Drivers Main reasons to ROPO are – Shopper wants to view the item up close – Shopper needs the item sooner than it can ship – Shopper wants to avoid shipping fees – Shopper might not be comfortable sharing personal information online Physical Network Strengths on ROPO behavior – Enable a Product Experience (see, touch…) – Enable a Faster (and sometimes cheaper) purchase – Enable a Human Experience (Advice, Expertise, Deals) – Enable access to technical equipments to get the items
  6. 6. Trends around ROPO
  7. 7. 3 examples of Web-to-store Staples have implemented several devices to generate traffic in-store, the most important one, Buy online & Pick-up in-store with specific Sales methods to increase additional sales 40% of customers visiting a center for pick-up an item bought on line, complete their purchase in the store Burger King have created a Facebook event: Delete 10 of your friend in your friend list and get a free Whopper In one week, 234 000 friends deletion that have generated 23 000 visits in a Burger King PoS In some French Malls, you can receive in the neighborhood of a store some dedicated discount after a SMS receive During Test phases with several retailers, 8% of SMS sent have been opened and average basket significantly increase
  8. 8. Web-to-store: key elements Measure, optimize, measure, optimize Operations must be fully involved A Bearing Point study, recently showed that 45% of test car request in all Car Manufacturers have no answer