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  1. 1. Panys - Hundefutter_____________________________________________________________________________________ By Jack Kee - http://www.panys.infoFor those who are experienced, they know there is a ton of related material on hundefutter As wehave sometimes heard, and maybe you too, that if you do not immediately recognize there is a lot morethat should be learned then you may stop at what you do know. With this topic, yes - there aresignificantly credible and relevant knowledge points that are just outside of the main body ofinformation. The more informed you are about this, then of course it stands to reason you will be in amuch stronger position. Everything is connected in one way or another, and that is why we warn youabout todays subject and the idea that it may be a shallow subject.Do you want a dog and wish to learn more about training? Do you want to teach your dog to be morewell-behaved? Well then, youve come to the right place! Keep reading to learn easy tips for training adog.Learn how your dog communicates in order to prevent it from having accidents. Dogs will let you knowwhen they have to go. It is important to be observant and know your own dogs signals. If you knowwhat to look for when your dog has to go to the bathroom you will be ready to housetrain them.As you train your dog, begin by providing treats each time proper behavior is displayed. Once theybecome more familiar with the order, you do not have to give a treat every time and can graduallyreduce the amount of treats you give.
  2. 2. Dog training takes time and cannot all be done in a single afternoon. Command your dog to dosomething before mealtimes, playtime or going for a walk. If you practice all commands on an ongoingbasis, your dog will always be ready to obey in every situation. If the training is confined to certain timesand places, your dog may only follow commands under limited circumstances.Each member of the family should be involved in training the dog, to provide continuity. It is importantthat everyone in your household is consistent with training cues. The key to success in dog training isconsistency.Using your dogs name positively is a great way to train him. This will ensure a greater pattern of positivebehavior. Therefore, never say the name of your dog in a negative way.Remember that dog training is not a one-off. You must continue to train throughout the life of your dog.It is easy to think that once your dog is no longer a puppy that he no longer needs training. That is afalsehood. Your dog is going to keep on learning from you all through its life. If you want your dog toalways obey you, be sure to always reinforce training.Do some research to determine if you are using the right technique in training your dogs breed. Somebreeds may require more time to train because they can have a hard time retaining new information.Some breeds will require a lot of patience and repetitive training, such as bulldogs or basset hounds.Reinforce positive behavior when training your dog. Never use punishment; instead, dont reinforce anybad behavior. Negative reinforcements may cause the dog to fear you. When you praise your dogbecause he has done something good, hell be more apt to keep doing it.Never yell at a dog that is barking. Shouting to teach your dog not to bark could be a form of positivereinforcement. This will give them an idea that you do not like what they are barking at. This feedback
  3. 3. makes the dog believe that what they are barking at may be a big thing, so remain calm and try todistract the dog to prevent problem barking.These tips will help you train your dogs well. Keep reading about dog training, and apply the tips youvelearned here. Youll have a well-behaved dog in no time at all.So… What’s Next ?To learn more about hundefutter, Click Here: