March Informals and Third Intersessional programme of side events


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March Informals and Third Intersessional programme of side events

  1. 1.                                                    INFORMAL CONSULTATIONS ON ZERO DRAFT OF UNCSD OUTCOME DOCUMENT 19-23 MARCH 2012 THIRD INTERSESSIONAL MEETING OF UNCSD PREPCOM 26-27 MARCH 2012         PROGRAMME OF SIDE EVENTS     Date  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  Brazilian Government – Ministry of Social Development 1:15-2:45 Eco Socio-Environmental Protection Floor and Fight against Hunger (MDS) 20 Years of the Rio Conventions: Opportunities and Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity 19 March 2012 1:15-2:45 B Challenges for Synergies (CBD) The Role of Technology in the “Green Economy” Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration 6:15-7:45 B and the need for Technology Assessment / Rio+20 – (ETC Group), Academic Council on the United Nations A Global Innovation Summit? System (ACUNS) Creating a more effective system of environmental Association of World Citizens and the World Alliance to 6:15-7:45 A and sustainable development governance Transform the UN (WATUN)
  2. 2. Date  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  1:15‐2:45  Eco The Sustainable and Just City Ford Foundation The Role of Civil Society/Major Groups in the future CIVICUS 1:15‐2:45  B IFSD 20 March 2012  Achieving Green Societies through Education for UNESCO (on behalf of the UN Inter-Agency Committee 1:15‐2:45  7 Sustainable Development (ESD) for the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (IAC/DESD) Tebtebba (Indigenous Peoples International Centre for 6:15‐7:45  B Key Messages of Indigenous Peoples for Rio +20 Policy Research and Education) The International Council for Science (ICSU), UN 6:15‐7:45  7 Science messages for Rio+20 Educational, Scientific and Cultural OrganizationDate  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  The Future we want with ICTs and Innovation International Telecommunication Union (ITU) 1:15‐2:45  Eco  21 March 2012  Bringing Rio Principles back to Sustainable Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) in 1:15‐2:45  B  Development Agenda at Rio+20 collaboration with PAIRVI Associates & CECOEDECON Food Sovereignty and Agroecology – A New La Via Campesina 1:15‐2:45  A  paradigm for Development
  3. 3. Rights for Sustainability and Sustainable IBON International and Both ENDS 6:15‐7:45  B  Development Governance Sustainable Development Goals and MDG post 2015; Organized by UN-Women, Switzerland, Women’s Major 6:15‐7:45  7  the gender dimension  Group  Date  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  UN Country-level experience in supporting Rio+20 UNDG Task Team on Environmental Sustainability, 1:15‐2:45  Eco  themes Climate Change and Rio+20 A Roadmap for Ocean Sustainability Pew Environment Group on behalf of the High Seas 22 March 2012  1:15‐2:45  7  Alliance Agriculture at Rio+20: What should be decided – and Biovision, Millennium Institute, and the More and Better what kind of agriculture should be promoted? Network 6:15‐7:45  7      Green Economy in the Context of Sustainable UNEP, UNDP, DESA 6:15‐7:45  Eco  Development and Poverty Eradication: Sharing National Experiences on Frameworks for ActionDate  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  Towards the peoples Summit at Rio+20: Alternative UN-NGLS & Social Watch 23 March 2012  1:15‐2:45  Eco  civil society perspectives on the zero draft  Planetary and social boundaries: a framework for Oxfam, Sustainlabour, Vitae Civilis 1:15‐2:45  B  Rio+20 and Sustainable Development Goals?
  4. 4.  Date  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  Dialogue of Executive Coordinators with Major Office of the Executive Coordinators   8:15‐9:30  7  Groups  Panel Discussion on Integrated Water Resources Permanent Mission of Thailand to the UN   1:15‐2:45  E  Management in the Context of Rio+20   Sustainable Transport and Mobility: Essential Inter-American Development Bank 1:15‐2:45  7  Building Blocks for Global Sustainable Development   Why sustainable energy and equity matter: Lessons UNDP & UNECE 1:15‐2:45  Eco  from the field  Combat Desertification and Sustainable Development China’s State Forestry Admin, National Development & in Inner Mongolia of China - Maowusu Biomass Reform Commission of China, and Maowusu Biomass 1:15‐2:45  B  26 March 2012  Thermoelectric Project  Thermoelectric Company (Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China) Private sector activities related to Rio+20 & views on Permanent Mission of Netherlands to UN   1:15‐2:45  1  the zero draft - briefing by Business Action for Sustainable Development   Special Event on Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform: New Zealand Mission on behalf of) Friends of Fossil Fuel 1:15‐2:45  6  Building Momentum at Rio and Beyond  Subsidy Reform and International Institute for Sustainable Development-Global Subsidies Initiative Ombudspersons for Future Generations: a proposal World Future Council, UNEP & Rio+twenties   6:15‐7:45  E  for Rio+20  Five projects and 20 proposals from the Social Rencontres du Mont-Blanc (RMB) - International Forum 6:15‐7:45  B  Economy leaders to change the model with RIO+20 of social Economy Leaders   Oceans at Rio+20: Highlighting Oceans Issues in the International Coastal and Ocean Organization Rio+20 Outcome Document; 6:15‐7:45  Eco  Moving the Ocean Agenda at and beyond Rio  Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO   Moving to Safety - migration, emergencies and International Organization for Migration (IOM)   6:15‐7:45  7  adaptation strategies 
  5. 5.              Date  Time   Room  Title  Organizers  Green Jobs for Youth International Labour Organization (ILO), UNEP 8:15‐9:30  7  Nation Proposal of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Permanent Mission of Kazakhstan to the UN 1:15‐2:45  E  Rio+20 "Time for Radical Strategic Decisions"  Inter-agency Assessment of Sustainable Economic Commission for Latin America and the Development in Latin America: Progress, gaps and Caribbean (ECLAC) 1:15‐2:45  7  strategic guidelines 20 years on from the Earth Summit  27 March 2012  Womens Critical Perspectives on the "Green Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) 1:15‐2:45  Eco  Economy" Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) Private and public solutions for ensuring Sustainable The Nordic countries 1:15‐2:45  B  Energy for All Meeting the Challenge of Communicating Rio+20: NRDC, EMA, GCCA, Global Green and DPI 1:15‐2:45  1  Engaging the Global Public in the Transformation to a Sustainable Future Special Event on The Trade Dimension of Rio+20: UNCTAD, UNDESA and ECLAC 1:15‐2:45  6  Key Issues for the Outcome Document A Global Call to End Plastic Pollution  Natural Resources Defense Council, Aspen Catto Fellows, 6:15‐7:45  Eco  Plastic Pollution Coalition   Dialogue on a convention for social responsibility Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future 6:15‐7:45  E  and accountability