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Future we want conversation kit

  1. 1. Conversation KitRio+20 — the short name for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development,to take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 20 to 22 June 2012 — is a historic opportunityto define pathways to a cleaner, more equitable and more prosperous world for all.Twenty years after the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio, the UN is bringing together governments,international institutions and civil society representatives to engage them on concrete stepsto reduce poverty while advancing social equity and ensuring environmental protection,three pillars that define “sustainable development”.It is up to all of us to build our future, so everyone should have a voice in Rio+20. That’swhy the UN Department of Public Information created the “Rio+20: The Future We Want”campaign. The campaign invites people around the world to share their visions on waysto build a future that promotes prosperity and improves people’s lives without furtherdegrading our planet’s natural environment. This new platform engages everyone in aglobal conversation about their hopes, aspirations and ideas for the future.How to participate? Write, talk, draw, capture!We want to hear your ideas on what you believe your lives and communities should be like in the year2030. All type of submissions can be sent:o Videos or tape recordings (3 minutes or less)o Drawings in pencil, crayons or paints, no larger than 22 by 28 centimeters (8.5 by 11 inches)o Letters or short essays (500 words or less)o Videos or photographs of the things you like about your community – things you think should still be part of life in 2030.What to talk about: Seven key issues and beyondFor the Rio+20 Conference, we are focusing on promoting seven issues that are key to sustainabledevelopment -- sustainable cities, resilience from disaster, energy, food, social equity and decent work,oceans and water. Fast facts and stories about each issue can be found on-line at un.org/futurewewant.Global conversation events on some of these issues can be held, for example, “The Future We Want forWater” or “The Future We Want for Cities”, on a monthly basis or as a tie-in to specific dates beforeRio+20, such as World Oceans Day on 8 June. We also encourage you to develop ideas and themes thatare relevant to the situation in your particular community.United Nations 20-22 2012 • Rio • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil • un.org/futurewewant June June 2012 de Janeiro, Brazil • un.org/sustainablefuture
  2. 2. Questions to start your thinking about the future you want:Your Community: Describe what you would like your community, neighbourhood or village to look like in2030. Where do you get your energy and water? How will you deal with challenges such as public health,jobs, sanitation?Your Culture: Name three things that are part of your current local culture, values and traditions that youwant to see continue in the future. What three things do you most want to change?Your Message: What would you answer if the leader of your country asked you: “Name one thing theworld’s leaders could do today to help us achieve a better tomorrow”?Where/how to send your ideas?People from all ages and all places are welcome to participate. Submissions can be sent individually or bygroups in the six official UN languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. Many of the62 UN Information Centres and their partners around the world are collecting inputs in local languages,such as Japanese and Portuguese.If groups of friends, colleagues, students, etc. wish to contribute collectively, you may want to hold yourown Rio+20: Future We Want global conversation event.One idea may be to partner with your local UN Information Centre, which can invite experts from acrossthe UN system, as well as from academic institutions and civil society organizations. To find your local UNInformation Centre and contact them about possible collaboration and language opportunitues, pleasevisit: http://unic.un.org/factsheet/Default.aspxIf you are connected to the Internet, there are several options:1. Go to un.org/futurewewant and click on “Join the Global Conversation” for submission details and instructions2. Send your sketches, essays and other submissions to us via e-mail at: info@futurewewant.org.3. Post your videos on our YouTube channel by e-mailing them to: c9ymftcdmzrs@m.youtube.com. Check out the videos posted by others at youtube.com/futurewewant.Inputs can be shared on Twitter using hashtag:Arabic: ‫#مستقبلنا‬Chinese: #我们期望的未来English: #futurewewantFrench: notreavenirRussian: #нашебудущееSpanish: nuestrofuturoUnited Nations 20-22 2012 • Rio • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil • un.org/futurewewant June June 2012 de Janeiro, Brazil • un.org/sustainablefuture
  3. 3. A few things to keep in mind:1. We want concrete visions in addition to general aspirations to illustrate, for example, technologies, designs and solutions needed to make communities sustainable.2. We want visions that are realistic and achievable by 2030. For example, they should illustrate how existing technologies and tools will be used to achieve greater local sustainability.3. We want visions that are positive – that show how we can achieve and sustain the future we want.How we will use your ideasThe best ideas will be used to create vivid videos and computer animations of communities in differentparts of the world in the year 2030, which will be showcased on our website and incorporated in anexhibit displayed at the Rio+20 conference in June.The visualizations will also be used worldwide after Rio+20 on a wide variety of platforms.Additionally, the #futurewewant hashtag will feed an RSS display on the homepage ofun.org/futurewewant and selected posts from followers will be featured on the UN social mediaaccounts.•••For more information, please visit: un.org/futurewewantOr contact mediainfo@un.orgTo find your nearest UN Information Centre please visit: unic.un.orgUnited Nations 20-22 2012 • Rio • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil • un.org/futurewewant June June 2012 de Janeiro, Brazil • un.org/sustainablefuture
  4. 4. If you are not connected to the Internet,fill out this form and mail it with your submissions to your closest UN Information Centre, or to:Rio+20, The Future We Wantc/o United Nations380 Madison Avenue, M-16033HNew York, NY 10017, USA•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Submission FormYour name: First LastName of the organization submitting the enclosed ideas:Your age, or the age range of the group submitting these ideas:Your mailing address: Number and street CityState/Province Zip code CountryYour telephone number:Your e-mail address if available:Topic(s) of your submission: