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Uncorkd's Guide To Increasing Wine Sales


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Uncorkd is an iPad Wine Menu software company that enables restaurants to provide interactive digital menus on tablets at the table. Uncorkd helps restaurants increase wine sales and save time managing the wine list. We utilized our menu software's analytics and analyzed leading research studies to put together this guide to increasing wine and beverage sales to help our customers.

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Uncorkd's Guide To Increasing Wine Sales

  1. 1. Uncorkd's Guide To Increasing Wine Sales Top Tips from Uncorkd’s Definitive Guide to Increasing Wine Sales
  2. 2. Uncorkd has put together an 18-page guide to help restaurants increase wine and beverage sales We wanted to share some of our findings with you in order to take your beverage program to the next level
  3. 3. Add a Reserve or Captain’s List to Your Beverage Menu - Our data as well as that from a pivotal Cornell study show that including a reserve section on your menu leads to increased sales. -Why does this lead to increased sales? Likely because customers want to feel special or exclusive and are willing to pay more for something on this list. - This section does not (and should not) have to contain all your most expensive items, but it should contain a good mix of items that are priced higher than average
  4. 4. Increase Apéritif and Digestif selections and Offer Them to Customers According to a recent beverage study released last, 22% of consumers say they would order another drink if they were simply offered an after dinner or dessert drink.
  5. 5. Include Drink Prices on Your Menu ❖ Did you know 62% of consumers are less likely to order a drink when there aren't exact prices listed? Make sure to list prices for all your drinks when possible.
  6. 6. Consider Different Pour Sizes, Flights and Prix Fixe Drink Selections For customers who wish to drink wine by the glass, the goal is to take them on a tasting journey before, during and after their meal
  7. 7. Offering different pour sizes or prix fixe selections for the dining experience helps take customers on that journey while making it easier on them by not requiring them to make so many decisions.
  8. 8. Illustrate Your Wine List With Vivid Descriptions and Pictures ❖ Want to know the three most important drink menu elements consumers use for selecting a drink? ❖ Price, Description, Pictures ❖ 88% of consumers want to see descriptions and/or pictures. ❖ Most of our clients already have drink descriptions on their menus, but if you don't have pictures for your cocktails or other drinks, strongly consider adding them to your menu.
  9. 9. ❖ To download our full Definitive Guide To Increasing Wine Sales, visit our site here. ❖ For more information about Uncorkd, visit our homepage.