UNCO Organization Chart


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UNCO Organization Chart
University of Northern Colorado

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UNCO Organization Chart

  1. 1. Administra*on Secretary  to  the  Board  of   Trustees  and  General  Counsel   Daniel  Satriana,  Jr.   BOARD  OF   Treasurer  to  the  Board  of   TRUSTEES   Trustees   Michelle  Quinn   Internal  Auditor     Brad  Hoffner   Assistant  to  the  President   Gloria  Reynolds   Execu<ve  Director     Execu<ve  Assistant  to  the   Office  of  External  Affairs   President   Dan  Weaver   President   Elaine  Quam   Special  Assistant  to  the   Kay  Norton   President  for  Equity  and   Diversity   Anita  Fleming-­‐Rife   Director  of  Athle<cs   Jay  Hinrichs   Senior  Vice  President  and   Vice  President  for   Provost  and  Senior  Vice   Vice  President  for  University   Vice  President  and     Chief  Financial  Officer   Development  and  Alumni   President     Rela<ons   General  Counsel   Michelle  Quinn   Rela<ons   Abe  Harraf   Chuck  Leonhardt   Dan Satriana Vicki  Gorrell  Assistant  to  Senior  Vice  President   Assistant  to  Provost  and  Senior   Assistant  to  Vice  President  for   Assistant  to  Vice  President  and   and  CFO   Vice  President   University  Rela<ons   General  Counsel   Lori  Brachtenbach   Jane  Graff   Vicki  Niccum   Vicki  Niccum   Contact  person  for  page:    Vicki  Niccum   Page  updated:    January  6,  2010  
  2. 2. Presidents  Office President   Kay  Norton   Assistant  to  the  President   Gloria  Reynolds   Execu4ve  Director   Execu4ve  Assistant     Office  of  External  Affairs   to  the  President   Dan  Weaver   Elaine  Quam   Special  Assistant  to  the  President   for  Equity  and  Diversity   Anita  Fleming-­‐Rife   Director  of  Athle4cs   Jay  Hinrichs    Senior  Vice  President  ,     Vice  President  and     Vice  President  for  Chief  Financial  Officer     Provost  and  Senior  Vice   Vice  President  for  University   General  Counsel  and   Development  and  Alumni   and  Treasurer  to  the     President     Rela4ons   Secretary  to  the  Board  of   Rela4ons   Board  of  Trustees   Abe  Harraf   Chuck  Leonhardt   Trustees   Vicki  Gorrell   Michelle  Quinn   Daniel  Satriana,  Jr.   Internal  Auditor   Brad  Hoffner   Contact  person  for  page:    Vicki  Niccum   Page  updated  January  6,  2010  
  3. 3. Division of Academic Affairs Provost & Senior Vice President Abe Harraf Budget Analyst Assistant to the Provost Janet Crego Jane Graff Assessment & Special Assistant to Accreditation Provost Kim Black Sue Achey AVP Enrollment AVP Student Engagement AVP Research & AVP Continuing Education College of Humanities & SocialManagement & Student AVP Undergraduate Studies Graduate Studies & Academic Outreach & Dean of Students Sciences Access Thomas A. Smith Raul Cardenas David Caldwell Robbyn Wacker Patricia Book Tobias Guzmán Enrollment Center for the Management Graduate School University College Enhancement of Career Services College of Natural & Health Randall Langston Teaching and Learning Sciences David Kendrick Denise Battles Admissions Office of Sponsored Academic Support & Disability Support Mindy Marshall Programs Advising Services Extended Studies Michele Schwietz Stephanie Torrez Ann Murphy College of Performing & Visual Jeanie York Arts Andrew Svedlow Center for Financial Aid International Honors, Scholars & Counseling Center Marty Somero Education Leadership Kim Wilcox Helen OKeefe Michael Kimball Monfort College of Business Registrar Liberal Arts Core, Don Gudmundson Interdisciplinary Student Activities Judy Layton Programs & Evan Welch Undergraduate Curriculum Residence Life Student Advocacy College of Education and Jenna Finley Offices/Cultural Behavioral Sciences McNair Scholars Centers Eugene Sheehan Program APASS, CCCC, Sarah Chase Marcus Garvey, NASS Dining Services Hal Brown University Libraries Helen Reed Housing Operations Brade Shade Campus Recreation Scott Schuttenberg Arlington Park Contact person for page: Vicki Niccum Page updated: August 30, 2010
  4. 4. Finance and Administration Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Michelle Quinn Assistant to the Sr. Vice President Lori Brachtenbach Assistant Vice President Assistant Vice President Director Director Director Assistant Vice President Information Management and Chief of Police Facililites Management for Financial Services University Center Human Resources Purchasing & Contracts Technology/CIO Mikel Longman Kirk Leichliter Susan Simmers Ronna Sanchez Marshall Parks Cristal Swain Jeanette VanGalder Construction Services Technology Systems & Services Communications Financial Services University Center Operations Human Resources Purchasing Custodial Smart Classroom Design & IT Construction Investigations Budget Conference & Events Payroll Accounts Payable Information Securit Bursars Environmental Health & Safety Patrol General Accounting Ticket Office Server, Network Communications & Desktop Services Landscaping & Grounds Emergency Preparedness Institutional systems Maintenance Services Parking Services Database Administration Resource Convservation Programing & Application Analysis Support Services Institutional Reporting & Analysis Services Utility Systems Statistical Analysis Institutional ReportingContact person for page: Vicki NiccumPage updated August 30, 2010
  5. 5. University Relations Vice  President      University  Rela2ons   Chuck  Leonhardt     Assistant  to  the  Vice  President   Vicki  Niccum   Director  University  News  and  Director  Marke2ng   Director  Web  Communica2ons   Public  Rela2ons   Lisa  Barkley     Ronna  Johnston     Nate  Haas     Promo2onal  Writer   Media  Writer   Administra2ve  Assistant   Kathryn  Mays   Gary  Dutmers   Brenda  Schuch     Sr.  Graphic  Designer   Web  Master   Woody  Myers     Jesse  Clark     Graphic  Designer   Web  Developer   TBD   Ben  Rudolph     Graphic  Designer   Web  Designer   Gretchen  Kershner     Dawood  Suleman     Photographer   Barry  LaPoint    Contact  person  for  page:    Vicki  Niccum   Page  updated:    April  8,  2011  
  6. 6. Office of Development and Alumni Relations Vice  President  for  Development   and  Alumni  Rela6ons   Program  Coordinator   Assistant  Vice  President  for   Assistant  Vice  President  for   Alumni  &  Donor  Rela6ons   Development   Director  of  Annual  Giving   Development  Director  Office/Business  Manager   and  Alumni/Donor   Development  Director   College  of  Humani6es  &   Rela6ons   Monfort  College  of  Business   Social  Sciences;  Academic   Affairs;  University  College   Events  Manager   Development  Director   Development  Director   College  of  Natural  and   College  of  Performing  &   Health  Sciences   Visual  Arts   Alumni  Program   Coordinator   Development  Director   Development  Director   Planned  Giving;  Interim   Student  Callers   Athle6cs   Development  Director,   Libraries   Development  Director   Development  Director   Corporate/Founda6on   College  of  Educa6on  and   Rela6ons   Behavioral  Sciences   Prospect  Researcher   Contact  person  for  page:    Vicki  Niccum   Page  updated:    January  6,  2010