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CMIS Apache Jackrabbit Sandbox


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Introduction of the Apache Jackrabbit CMIS Sandbox project to the CMIS Technical Committee

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CMIS Apache Jackrabbit Sandbox

  1. 1. CMIS Implementations Show & Tell 26-jan-2009 / CMIS F2F - Redmond David Nuescheler
  2. 2. Changing hats...
  3. 3. Introducing the Apache Software Foundation  Non-Profit Organization  Vendor neutral  Open Community  Apache License  IP Clearance Process  (Almost) every vendor is already licensing software from the ASF
  4. 4. Your Host: Jackrabbit PMC  Jackrabbit is an Apache Project.  CMIS Sandbox, Hosted in the Apache SVN by the Jackrabbit PMC  +2000 Apache committers have commit access  (Probably) all large CMIS TC Members are represented in current committer base.  Everybody is invited to contribute and/or use
  5. 5. Goal: Re-usability for implementors and users  No Strings attached ;)  License & IP  No proprietary Content Repository dependency  No Framework dependency (servlet)  Not even a JCR dependency ;)
  6. 6. CMIS Sandbox @ Jackrabbit CMIS Sandbox API Client Server (java bindings) (exposing API) (exposing CMIS)
  7. 7. Client Architecture CMIS API (java bindings) Target Audience any Java based Client CMIS Application Atom SOAP Client Client Atom SOAP CMIS Server
  8. 8. Server Architecture CMIS Clients Atom SOAP Atom SOAP Server Server Target Audience Target Audience any Java based CMIS any JCR repository implementation CMIS API drop-in CMIS compliance (java bindings) JCR Bindings Any JCR repository
  9. 9. Show!
  10. 10. More...  Get involved:  Source:  CMIS Sandbox information