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Introducing Uncle

  1. 1. Helloby Richard TidmanEveryone’s favourite Uncle A presentation by
  2. 2. 02 | About UncleWho are Uncle?Uncle are an integrated,full service design agencywith a wealth of experience.We have a passionate teamwith the desire to deliver.Everyone’s favourite Uncle
  3. 3. 03 | About UncleOur PhilosophyWe apply our experienceand insight in a way thatdoesn’t alienate. We believein keeping it simple, after all,clear concise communicationspeaks volumes.Everyone’s favourite Uncle
  4. 4. 04 | About UncleWhat We Do Brand Strategy Brand Identity Print Design Web Design Packaging Design Exhibition Design Wayfinding & Signage Campaign Creative We do all these things Art Direction but our core proposition Print Management is more straightforwardEveryone’s favourite Uncle
  5. 5. 05 | About UncleBrilliant IdeasUncle take pride in originatinginnovative and engagingcreative solutions that connectwith the intended audience.Everyone’s favourite Uncle
  6. 6. 06 | About UnclePositive CultureUncle attract the rightkind of people and we prideourselves on a team witha wealth of knowledge,creativity and experience.Everyone’s favourite Uncle
  7. 7. 07 | About UncleKey PeopleMark Deeprose Richard Tidman Richard West Mike ThomasCreative Director Commercial Manager Senior Creative Senior DeveloperMark has been delivering the Sixteen years in design Before joining Uncle, Richard Mike Thomas, accomplishedgoods for over fifteen years. management has given came up with fantastic ideas digital professional with tenHe’s spent time at many a Richard an impressive array for John Brown Publishing, years experience in design,London agency, including of knowledge and experience, Why Not Associates, Lewis information architectureDesign Bridge, Creative Leap all of which he’s brought to Moberly and Carter Wong and usability for the web.and Fingal Design working Uncle to help spearhead Tomlin. With over ten years’ Mike’s legacy includes anon Bentley, Glenfiddich and the growth of the business. experience in designing for impressive portfolio of overJaguar to name a few. Uncle Richard joins the family online and offline, Richard 25 websites for FTSE100, AIMwas born in 2007 from Mark’s direct from Space and Studio is a key member of the Uncle and techMARK companies,passion for design and a Exposure, where he helped team – and responsible for as well as successfully applydesire to make a difference run the creative arms of these many of our finest creations. his talents to a number ofwithin the industry. integrated agencies. more creative briefs for clients within the music industry.Everyone’s favourite UncleEveryone’s favourite Uncle
  8. 8. 08 | About UncleOur ExperienceEveryone’s favourite Uncle
  9. 9. 09 | About UncleTestimonials“Uncle are a genuine pleasure to work with. They understandour brand, take on board changes with ease and accuracyand deliver stunning pieces of communication.”Sarah Thompson Advertising Manager Virgin Holidays“Uncle have played a pivotal role in changing our brandperception and developing our brand guidelines. It’s apleasure to work with a company who are so professional,responsive and reliable.”Chrysandra Halstead Marketing Manager Encyclopedia BritannicaEveryone’s favourite Uncle
  10. 10. 10 | Our ClientsTestimonials“Uncle have created a strong identity for our business andhave become our brand guardians. Uncle continue to keeptheir ideas fresh and I beieve the success of our business isunequivocally linked to the strength of our brand.”Rob Pierre Managing Director Jellyfish“Uncle worked with us on a complete rebranding project andtheir consultative approach led to the development of a veryclear and consistent brand that we are fiercely proud of.”Suzie Ballard Marketing Manager EurostaffEveryone’s favourite Uncle
  11. 11. Our Work:BrandEveryone’s favourite Uncle
  12. 12. 12 | Our WorkJellyfish Brand | Print | Web | ExhibitionJellyfish was a new business inneed of a identity that would helpposition them firmly in the SearchEngine Marketing sector.The bespoke logotype wasdesigned and redrawn to giveJellyfish the individuality andstandout they needed in acompetitive marketplace.Everyone’s favourite Uncle
  13. 13. 13 | Our WorkBullet Marketing Brand | Print | WebBullet approached Uncle torebrand its marketing businessand to help take their brandidentity to the next level.We created a brand that wassimple, flexible and powerful,like the name suggests. The newmarque has been enhanced bya dominant use of red whichthey have now taken ownershipof within their industry sector.Everyone’s favourite Uncle
  14. 14. 14 | Our WorkThe Segrave Trophy Brand | PrintThe Segrave Trophy is awardedto British subjects who demonstrateamazing acheivements on land,sea, water and in the air.The awards have recognisedlegends such as Sir DonaldCampbell and Sir Stirling Moss.The identity was inspired by thetrophy itself and was importantthat the new brand and supportingmaterial reflected the prestiousnature of the awards.Everyone’s favourite Uncle
  15. 15. 15 | Our WorkBrent Walsh Brand | Print | Web | InteriorBrent Walsh is the ultimate inmale grooming. Our brief wasto create an identity whichappeals to men who care abouttheir appearance, enjoy beingpampered and relaxing in a cooland unpretentious environment.Uncle developed the brand andhave been responsible for theinteriors, signage, point of saleand overall brand consistencythroughout the business.Everyone’s favourite Uncle
  16. 16. Our Work:WebEveryone’s favourite Uncle
  17. 17. 17 | Our WorktriOpsis Brand | WebsiteUncle provide a totally integratedservice to triOpsis, a specialistin the world of Retail DisplayManagement.As well as creating the triOpsisbrand and company website,we have also played a big partin building the web applicationthat forms a central part of thecompany’s key product offering.www.triopsis.comEveryone’s favourite Uncle
  18. 18. 18 | Our WorkJellyfish Brand | WebsiteAs brand guardians forJellyfish, Uncle were askedto translate their brand on theweb. Specialising in onlinesubscription and conversion,Jellyfish required a site thatrepresented their onlinebusiness and experience.Their website has become thestrongest selling tool in a highlycompetitive market’s favourite Uncle
  19. 19. 19 | Our WorkRiverford Campaign WebsiteUncle created a campaignspecific website for this onlineorganic produce retailer.Uncle worked closely withPaid Search marketing agency,Jellyfish to provide a bespokecreative solution aimed atdriving substantial sales whenthe site goes live at the end ofJuly ‘09.Everyone’s favourite Uncle
  20. 20. 21 | Why Uncle?Why Uncle?We have great strategic andcreative skills with a solidwork ethic. We are innovative,flexible and friendly with realbelief in what we do.Uncle care about providingthe very best solution inresponse to your brand needs.Everyone’s favourite Uncle
  21. 21. Thank youFor more information please contact:Richard (0)7525 83853731 London RoadReigate, Surrey RH2 9SS0845 123