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Increase Conversions With Super Relevant Landing Pages Using Dynamic Text


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Unbounce's Lou Sturm & Gary Allen share how to use Dynamic Text Replacement in Unbounce to create super relevant landing pages for your visitors.

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Increase Conversions With Super Relevant Landing Pages Using Dynamic Text

  1. 1. Increase Conversions With Super Relevant Landing Pages Using Dynamic Text
  2. 2. Say Hi to Jenn (Again)
  3. 3. Jenn’s Current Landing Pages Lack Message Match
  4. 4. Landing Pages with DTR Increase Relevancy: They “Catch” the Clicks from your Ads.
  5. 5. DTR Let’s Marketers Create Relevant Marketing Experiences From Beginning to End. • You can use DTR with Dynamic Keyword Insertion with PPC. • You can use it target multiple audiences (e.g. Search Location). • You can use it to personalize your thank you pages.
  6. 6. {keyword: default text} • Braces {}: Braces enclose tag. Replaced by Keyword that triggers ad. • Keyword: Controls Capitalization. • Colon (:) Use one colon, no spacing. • Default Text: Appears if system cannot trigger keyword. How to Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion with Your PPC Campaigns
  7. 7. How Does DKI and DTR Benefit My PPC Campaigns? • DKI increases relevancy by displaying the keyword which triggered the ad in your Ad title, description, display URL, or destination URL. Unbounce’s DTR displays the keyword on your landing page. • Specific Targeting - Google will display the dynamically inserted terms in bolded text. • Take Advantage of the Searcher’s Verbiage. • Boost CTR - People are much more likely to click on an ad that reflects what they are searching. • A better CTR a key component in Quality Score.
  8. 8. The Goal of Using DKI is to serve highly relevant targeted ads based on the keyword generated by the search query. Pro Tip: Avoid Using Broad Match Keywords. You may get ads that look like this
  9. 9. • No IT Intervention required. Jen can fulfill the ad promise of each keyword on her landing page - without having to to get IT to write PHP for Dynamic Landing pages. • Bye-Bye obstacles to conversion. Jen can have consistency between ad and landing page. • Relevancy and Message Match is achieved. An ad can be directed to a landing page consistent with the location or phrase specified in the keyword search • Higher CTR and lower CPA. & DTR =
  10. 10. The quickest & easiest way to build and optimize targeted and relevant landing pages for your PPC and marketing campaigns.
  11. 11. Questions? Lou Sturm Customer Success Manager @Unbounce Gary Allen Customer Success Content Specialist @Unbounce