Designing for Conversion


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Designing for Conversion

  1. 1. Thank you for joining us!We’ll be starting in just a few minutesAbout the HostsDesigning for ConversionOli GardnerUnbounce Co-Founder Oli Gardner is our residentlanding page expert. Olis writing on conversioncentered design and landing page optimization can befound on the Unbounce conversion blog and hes beenfeatured on top marketing blogs including SEOmoz,Hubspot and Marketing Profs.Ryan EngleyRyan is our Director of Customer Successwho along with his team, helps Unbouncecustomers boost their conversion rates. Heis our resident webinar host andconsummate office vegan.
  2. 2. Designing for ConversionDirector of Customer SuccessRyan EngleyUnbounce@ryan_engleyJoin our chat onTwitter
  3. 3. Designing for ConversionCo-Founder & Creative DirectorOli GardnerUnbounce@oligardnerJoin our chat onTwitter
  4. 4. Recording and slideswill be emailed this weekDesigning for ConversionJoin our chat onTwitter
  5. 5. We’ll talk about...Designing for Conversion• 3 actionable conversion design tips you can implement IMMEDIATELY• What is Conversion Centered Design (CCD)?• The 7 principles of CCD• How to apply the 7 principles to your landing pages for higher conversions• Q& A• An awesome demo of Unbounce!
  6. 6. About Unbounce
  7. 7. Build, publish & A/B test landing pages without I.T.Increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns
  8. 8. 3 Quick Tips You Can Implement IMMEDIATELY
  9. 9. #1 - Ungate Your ContentUse previews to encourage downloadsDesigning for Conversion
  10. 10. #2 - Reduce Your LeaksCount and remove the links on your pageDesigning for Conversion
  11. 11. #3 - The Congruence TestAligning page elements by reading out loudDesigning for Conversion
  12. 12. What is Conversion Centered Design?
  13. 13. User Centered Design (UCD)vs.Conversion Centered Design (CCD)Designing for Conversion
  14. 14. Landing PagesThe Heart of CCDDesigning for Conversion
  15. 15. Homepage vs. Landing PageDesigning for Conversion28 Links (Leaks) 1 Link (The CTA)
  16. 16. Designing for ConversionThe Jam Case Study6 options24 options
  17. 17. Designing for ConversionThe Result?30% purchased jam3% purchased jam
  18. 18. Designing for ConversionThe Demo Choice Experiment4 Choices 3 Choices
  19. 19. Designing for ConversionThe Result?4 Choices 3 ChoicesConversion Lift of 78%
  20. 20. Designing for ConversionIN SUMMARYFor an optimized conversion experienceLess is more
  21. 21. The 7 Principles ofConversion Centered Design
  22. 22. The 7 Principles of CCDDesigning for ConversionDESIGN1. Encapsulation2. Contrast & Color3. Directional Cues4. White SpacePSYCHOLOGY5. Urgency & Scarcity6. Try before you buy7. Social proof
  23. 23. 1. EncapsulationDesigning for Conversion
  24. 24. 2. Contrast & ColorDesigning for Conversion
  25. 25. 3. Directional CuesDesigning for Conversion
  26. 26. 3. Directional Cues -The Power of the EyeDesigning for ConversionPlace your CTA here• We are trained to follow the gaze of others• Use the gaze of your subject to drive attention to your CTA
  27. 27. Designing for Conversion
  28. 28. 4. White SpaceDesigning for Conversion
  29. 29. No WhitespaceDesigning for ConversionA Nicely Spaced Design
  30. 30. 5. Urgency & ScarcityDesigning for ConversionLimited time offer. Limited quantities left.
  31. 31. 5. Urgency & ScarcityDesigning for ConversionLimited time offers. Limited quantities left.EXPEDIAOnly 3 tickets left at this priceMuch less likely to wander off and check out the competition
  32. 32. 5. Urgency & ScarcityDesigning for ConversionLimited time offers. Limited quantities left.AMAZONOrder-by date to guarantee delivery date
  33. 33. 5. Urgency & ScarcityDesigning for ConversionLimited time offers. Limited quantities left.TICKETMASTER4 minutes to complete the ticket purchase transaction
  34. 34. 6. Try Before You BuyDesigning for ConversionLet your prospectsEAT A GRAPE
  35. 35. 6. Try Before You BuyDesigning for ConversionLet your prospects EAT A GRAPE - using previewsPREVIEW METHODS• PDF snapshot• SlideShare presentationAMAZONLook inside
  36. 36. 7. Social ProofDesigning for ConversionThe psychology of “Me Too!”What is it?Herd Mentality• If they like it, you will too (Amazonrecommended books)• The bigger the crowd, the bigger thecrows gets...Humans exhibit a herd mentality just like sheep
  37. 37. Social ProofDesigning for ConversionThe Staring Upward Study of 1969
  38. 38. The Staring Upward StudyDesigning for Conversion1 Personvs.5 People
  39. 39. The ResultsDesigning for Conversion1 Person20% stopped to look5 People80% stopped to lookvs.
  40. 40. Quality by AssociationDesigning for ConversionWould you eat here? Here the quality is assumedby association with thenumber of customers
  41. 41. Social Interaction TransparencyDesigning for ConversionShow how others are interacting with yourbrand to encourage people to join inStandard online trust indicators• Testimonials (quotes, tweets)• Press mention logos• Customer logos• Privacy statements/policiesNumerical social proof• Number of event attendees(webinar, conference)• Number of downloads (ebook,software)• Customer count (online SaaSbusiness)• Number of social shares
  42. 42. Applying The 7 Principles to Your Landing Page
  43. 43. Without CCD PrinciplesAppliedDesigning for Conversion
  44. 44. EncapsulationDesigning for Conversion
  45. 45. WhitespaceDesigning for Conversion
  46. 46. Color & ContrastDesigning for Conversion
  47. 47. Directional CuesDesigning for Conversion
  48. 48. UrgencyDesigning for Conversion
  49. 49. Try Before You BuyDesigning for Conversion
  50. 50. Social ProofDesigning for Conversion
  51. 51. The Final CCD’dLanding PageDesigning for Conversion1.Encapsulation2.Color & Contrast3.Directional Cues4.Whitespace5.Urgency6.Try Before You Buy (preview)7.Social Proof
  52. 52. Q&A
  53. 53. Get 50% Off Your First 3