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I pone.


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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I pone.

  1. 1. The new iPhone from Apple is the best phone ever!
  2. 2. Don´t doubt it! iPhone, isn´t it?..
  3. 3. My phones can be better than this!
  4. 4. Banana and its new phone called iPone has won more than a million dollars!
  5. 5. In the future... Open the book at page 34, please. We´re going to read the iPone text. Rick, start reading. OK. Flavio Jiménez invented the iPone in 2011,…
  6. 6. The iPone is very good, 50 years and itsn´t old. It dissapeared in 2.015. Better than iPhone.
  7. 7. THE END ? No phones-20% of the world population. iPone-60% of the world population iPhone-5% of the world population. Rest of phones-15% of the world population. SALES