UNB Valentines Gift Guide


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The Gift Guide for Valentines Day for Underwear News Briefs

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UNB Valentines Gift Guide

  1. 1. Valentine’s GIFT GUIDE2010 UNDERWEAR NEWS BRIEFS AussieBum Mundo Unico Baskit Piss & Vinegar Cocksox Tribe Just Us Boyz Underwear Station Mark Ouest WildmanT [1]
  2. 2. Tim - Editor-In-Chief, Underwear underwear on the market and give us more STAFF News Briefs time for producing and shooting the guide with our friends over at NorCalBodz. The Valentine’s Gift Guide is OUT! Enough of the hassles of production, This is the second one NorCalBodz has Underwear News Briefs: we have had a lot of new companies get done for us. We absolutely LOVE working Tim - Editor-in-Chief involved and hope to grow more over this with Gary and all his guys! They are truly John - Assistant Editor year. The new ones joining us are: Male Wes - Copy Editor AMAZING! Power, Piss & Vinegar, Just Us Mark - Writer This guide was to Michael - Writer Boyz, Mundo Unico and Tribe. be one of the easiest to Returning companies, many do since we did half of NorCalBods: thanks from us, are Baskit, Mark what we covered for our Gary - Owner Ouest, Underwear Station, and Christmas Gift Guide. Cocksox. That was farthest from Our next guide is going to the truth. It was more be our Swimwear edition, that difficult than the will hit mid March. If there is someone you Christmas Guide because of the late want to see in the guide let us know and production dates of underwear, especially we will do our best to get them! those made for Valentine’s Day. Most of Thanks for reading the guide and for the featured underwear did not get faithfully following our site! Happy produced till the end of January which lead Valentines Day! us to have a shorter lead time. For next Thanks year, we have decided to add another Tim guide in March that is only for underwear. Editor This will let us show you the newest JAMES RAMOS Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown Height: 5' 11" Weight: 175lbs. Age: 24 State of Residence: California What makes me stand out as a fitness model? : Hard work, determination and the love for fitness! (And a damn sexy smile because it can't be anything else! HaHA J/K.) What is my fitness schedule during the week? : The gym 5 days a week and a proper diet to go along with it. It depends on bulking or cutting. (Does sex count? Plenty of that for cardiovascular health and reduction of prostate cancer!) HaHa. Website: http://www.norcalbodz.com [2]
  3. 3. MODELS Steve Walden Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Height: 5 10 1/2 Weight: 197 Age: 26 State of Residence: Missouri What makes you stand out as a fitness model? I am comfortable in front of the camera, work very hard in the gym, and I am a very down to earth person. What is your fitness schedule during the week? Five days a week and in the evenings. Website: http://www.steve-walden.net William Price Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Height: 6ʼ2” Weight: 220 Age: 23 State of Residence: Florida What makes you stand out as a fitness model? I am not just a model, but I understand more aspects of fitness.  I am very athletic and I have stood out in several sports. I know what it takes to make it to the top in any sport or area of life because I'm very competitive, driven, and will do whatever it takes to get what I want. What is your fitness schedule during the week? I change my workouts regularly. This is an example of what I may follow. I never plan my workouts before the day I do them. I have learned to work out more on how I feel. I feel like the older I become, the more in touch I am with my body and know what needs to be worked out. I mix in cardio and abs as I see fit m-chest/tris/bis, t-shoulders/traps/calfs, w-legs, t-back/bis, f-chest/shoulders/tris, s-legs/calfs, s-back/bis Website: http://www.william-price.com [3]
  4. 4. MUNDO UNICO Style: Boy Brief Ardilla Cost: $20.00 This is a really different pair for Valentine’s Day. Its a pair you can wear year round! The plaid design accents the amazing pouch Unico is known for creating. You don’t often see plaid in men’s underwear but I think this really works and would be a great pair to wear for your date on Valentines Day! JUST US BOYZ Style: Red Hip Brief with Black Stitch Cost: $15.00 Red underwear is a staple for Valentine’s Day. Just Us Boyz has a hip brief that is perfect for the brief lover. Valentine’s is for love and these will show-off your love! They are made from 100% cotton and have a reinforced crotch for an enhancing effect! [4]
  5. 5. AUSSIEBUM Style: Celebrate Brief Admire Cost: $25.88 Leave it to aussieBum to do something different for Valentines Day! They have created a brief featuring bunnies getting it on! It may sound strange, but we have to say it’s one of our favorites for Valentine’s day! This pair is also available in red. They have others created with Valentines Day in mind, including some boxers and trunks! PISS & VINEGAR Style: I Love Boys Brief Cost: $15.00 Piss & Vinegar came out with a complete “I Love” line. Those include Jesus, Buddha, and two pairs perfect for Valentine’s Day. Those are “I Love Boys” and “I Love Girls.” You may want one or maybe you want both; we are not one to judge! Comfy undies are the most important thing to us. [5]
  6. 6. COCKSOX Style: Frisky Collection Mesh Brief Cost: $28.00 Are you very daring on Valentines Day? If so, you need to check out the Mesh Brief from Cocksox. It has the traditional pouch that really shows off what you have under any pants. Once the pants are removed, they are totally see through, meaning there is no panel in the front for all to see! Wear them if you dare! TRIBE Style: Red Devore Cost: $65.00 AUS The sexy trend of the guide continues with Tribe. The Red Devore trunk is designed to entice with a hint of transparency. This Devore fabric (Velvet pattern on a mesh background) is incredibly soft to the touch and feels amazing on the body – Lined in 100% natural Modal. Available in Red or Black. [6]
  7. 7. /BASKIT/ Style: Contrast Low-rise Trunk Cost: $18.00 We didn’t want to leave trunk and boxer brief fans out of the guide. Baskit makes this really great trunk from it’s Low-Rise collection. It is available in many other colors, but the red is just perfect for Valentine’s Day! It’s Chinese Red with a Black Waistband! Check out all the other colors on the Baskit website BUMGEAR Style: Mesh Boxer Cost: $28.00 Maybe you don’t want to go totally red, but want something super sexy. Then Underwear Station has you covered, or in this case, a little uncovered. The BumGear mesh boxer is another completely see through selection. We are sure if you wear them on Valentine’s Day, it won’t be on long after dinner! [7]
  8. 8. MALEPOWER Style: Trunk Cost: $17.00 Male Power is one of the new companies in our guide. They make really fun underwear! They use many different fabrics and styles. We chose the more traditional of the bunch since it is something you can wear for every day and not simply special occasions. If you want some of the more risque styles, those can be found on their site. Either way you go, we think you will enjoy what you buy! MARC OUEST Style: Kiss’em Cost: $22.95 Marc Ouest has a really sexy pair called Kiss’em. It’s a sheer brief with a pair of sequin lips on the crotch. It is truly a pair made for Valentine’s Day. They live up to the super sexy reputation begun to expect from Marc Ouest. They are known for using mesh and making some of the sexiest underwear around. They are perfect for a night out on the town with that special someone! We don’t think you can loose with these on! [8]
  9. 9. We hope you enjoyed our Valentine’s Gift Guide! You can find these great products on AussieBum - http://www.aussiebum.com Piss & Vinegar - http://www.pissvinegar.com Baskit - http://www.baskitwear.com Male Power - http://www.malepower.com Cocksox - http://www.cocksox.com Just Us Boyz - http://www.justusboyz.com Underwear Station Mundo Unico - http://www.underwearstation.com http://www.mundounicostore.com/ Marc Ouest - http://www.marcouest.com Tribe - http://www.tribeunderwear.com.au/ GUIDE SCHEDULE MAY AUGUST NOV MARCH Swimwear Guide Fall Buyers Guide Christmas Gift Spring Buyers We will showcase See the new fall Guide Guide some of the hottest underwear See the Best See the Best swimwear of the collections that will undies for the undies for the season be out! holiday gift giving spring and season summer! [9]