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IAU C55: Public Outreach Information Management Working Group


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Presentation during CAP2013, Poland

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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IAU C55: Public Outreach Information Management Working Group

  1. 1. IAU Division C Commission 55 Communicating Astronomy With The Public Public Outreach Information Management Pedro Russo, Lars Lindberg Christensen and WG Members
  2. 2. VAMP provides developers tools for simple, standard access to outreach imagery and media from a variety of sources, thus encouraging the creation of the cutting edge applications that today‘s technological public demands. Outcome: Astronomy Visualization Metadata Standard
  3. 3. Mission To act as a facilitator enabling the small outreach information management community to gather around a common technical framework optimizing the synergy in the community.
  4. 4. Goals • Describe one possible standard for EPO content management systems. • Decide on standards for astronomy EPO products metadata. • Write a CAPj article. • Bringing the major players in EPO information management together in an informal network. • Arrange the first workshop for this network.
  5. 5. 1st Workshop on Public Outreach Information Management in Astronomy ESO, 27 and 28 March 2013 Agenda, presentations and summary: Main Topics •User Experience •Content Manager Experience •Developer Experience Case Studies: • IAU • UNAWE • ESO • ESA/Hubble Discussion Groups •Developers’ forum: "hack" solutions to merge code, develop new ideas, unite code base, open source •Managers’ forum: develop managerial concepts and grow synergies, address resource issues •Content maintainers’ forum: Editing, etc
  6. 6. Standards for EPO content management systems (including EPO products) Connecting the target groups (public, media ...) with the subject matter (astronomy... ) in the most direct and efficient way taken the requirements on both side into consideration. Images • Astronomy Visualization Metadata Standard (VAMP) Text • Text standards (a coherent template for astronomy press releases? ) A standard CMS? • social-enabled, • semantically-rich, • visually appealing • Interoperable-ready Strong link with other digital outlets (WWTelescope, Planetarium systems...)