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Kids Science Exploration in Tanzania


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A presentation about Kids Science Exploration in Tanzania, given by Mponda Malozo during the 2012 Astronomy to Inspire and Educate Young Children: EU Universe Awareness Workshop.

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Kids Science Exploration in Tanzania

  1. 1. Kids Science UNAWE-Tanzania Project Exploration Presented by: Mponda MalozoEU-UNAWE Workshop: Astronomy to Inspire and Educate Young Children Venue: Lorentz Center, Leiden Netherlands 29th March 2012
  2. 2. Arusha Kilimanjaro Zanzibar Dar es SalaamMorogoro Pwani
  3. 3. Kids Science Exploration (2011) Books For Us (2010)Kids SkyExploration(2009) Our Timeline
  4. 4. My Star Project Kids Construct Constellation s With their namesAim:Stimulation of Art andCulturalAspects of Astronomy
  5. 5. Involve kids inObservationandEncourage Reporting
  6. 6. Books For Us ProjectThe Project aims at enhancing reading culture to Tanzanian kids and allowthem to share information of what they readwith a Bangthe Review / Born over Book internet
  7. 7. Kids Science Exploration Project Supplied Galileoscopes Swahili Teaching Guideline was provided Teaching Materials were UNAWE-Tanzania partnered supplied with UNESCO 15 Astronomy Clubs were Established
  8. 8. Where are We in the Universe?
  9. 9. Mbozi Meteorite
  10. 10. How safe are We on Earth?
  11. 11. How Helpful is Gravitational Force Where is Up? Are we standing upright? Is Earth real round?
  12. 12. The Difference BetweenDay and Night
  13. 13. Outreachactivitiesis Seeing Believing Wow! Awakes Curiosity Trigger questioning
  14. 14. EventsCapturing
  15. 15. Participate in Exhibitions Sokoine University of Agriculture Silver Jubilee Exhibitions 2009
  16. 16. Captivating Headlines
  17. 17. The Role Of SocialNetworks
  18. 18. UNAWE-Tanzania Team Consist of 10 PeopleAll Members are:• Astronomy Enthusiasts• Devote time for Astronomy
  19. 19. We are so thankful to: • Dr. N.T Jiwaji • UNESCO • Astro-Book Drive Project • Great Portland Astronomical Society of Maine, USA • EU-UNAWEFollow us on twitter @UNAWETanzania & Like us Facebook