Astronomy for Human Capacity Building: Children & Schools


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Presentation by Pedro Russo and Edward Gomez for the conference: Global Science Collaboration Conference 2013

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Astronomy for Human Capacity Building: Children & Schools

  1. 1. Astronomy for Human Capacity Building: Children & Schools Pedro Russo (EU-UNAWE/Leiden Univ.) Edward Gomez (LCOGT/Cardiff Univ.) Co-Chairs of the IAU OAD Task Force 2: Children and Schools
  2. 2. Pillars of Capacity Building Stimulates imagination Brings perspective IAU OAD TF2 Children & Schools Primary   Educa4on   Gateway to sciences and engineering Science   Secondary   Public   Educa4on   Outreach     ASTRONOMY   Ter4ary   Research   Educa4on  
  3. 3. Our Vision By 2020 IAU OAD has facilitated: §  the training of hundreds of thousands of teachers. §  the inclusion of astronomy in the curriculum of dozens of countries. §  the production and distribution of hundreds of educational resources for teachers and children. §  the organisation of thousands of events for children. And in this way reached millions of children.
  4. 4. Children and Schools To use astronomy to inspire the very young andstimulate education, especially science education. Main Tasks: § To advise the OAD on Children & Schools matters § To support OAD Regional Nodes Activities § To facilitate interactions between pre-tertiary education stakeholders § To support the OAD fundraising § To run some key core projects
  5. 5. Core Project 1: Peer Review Platform §  A platform for astronomy communicators to discover, review, redistribute, submit and remix educational resources. §  A platform to review and obtain objective guidance on the resources, have successful resources published in a central repository and receive IAU approval/ accreditation
  6. 6. Peer Review Platform forEducational Resources 1.  Reuse - e.g., make a digital copy of the content 2.  Revise - e.g., translate the content into another language or modify a learning activity 3.  Remix - e.g., incorporate the content into other content 4.  Redistribute - e.g., give a copy of the content to a friend 5.  Review: Content and quality reviewed (and improved) by the community peers
  7. 7. Core Project 2: Astro Pack §  Demand for physical materials is high, mainly in the developing world. §  Many educational resources produced end up in storage rooms without being used. §  The idea is not to produce new materials but use the existing printed ones. §  Lend credibility to the material. §  Can be used without a computer (but if it is easy to provide digital copy we can consider this too).
  8. 8. Proposals from the Community Type of 2012 proposals: §  Teacher Training §  Resource Development §  Curriculum Research §  Visually Impaired Educational Material 94 Proposals (only 5 proposals accepted) € 772 079 requested (€ 27 000 granted)
  9. 9. EU Global Astronomy Education Projects  §  EU  Universe  Awareness:  Funded  by  the  EU.  §  EU-­‐HoU:  Connec4ng  classrooms  to  the  Milky  Way:   Funded  by  the  EU.  §  Las  Cumbres  Observatory  Global  Telescope  Network:   Educa1onal  ac1vi1es  coordinated  from  the  EU  with   emphasis  in  South  Africa.  Funded  by  private  donor.        
  10. 10. EU Universe Awareness Use perspective, inspiration and fun ofastronomy to: §  Introduce young children from disadvantaged backgrounds to the excitement of science   §  Enhance their understanding of the world and demonstrate the power of critical thinking   §  Broaden children s minds   §  Stimulate world citizenship
  11. 11. EU Universe Awareness 2011 European Union awarded EU-UNAWE 1.9 million eurosto fund the 3-year programme in 6 countries (TheNetherlands, Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy and South Africa)International Network §  Platform for teachers and development of professionals worldwide   §  Exchange of ideas, experience and materials   §  Coordinators and managers in each participating country, tailored to each country/community  Educational Material §  Games, cartoons, songs, hands-on material, etc.   §  Needs to be FUN and INTERACTIVE  Teacher Training §  Give teachers the confidence to introduce astronomy and other science topics in their classrooms   §  Teacher = strong multiplier
  12. 12. EU Universe Awareness 54 Countries (37 from developing world) 600+ Educators, Teachers & Astronomers
  13. 13. More information §  IAU OAD: §  EU Universe Awareness: §  EU-HoU: Connecting classrooms to the Milky Way: mainmenu-13/radio §  Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network: Pedro Russo @pruss | Edward Gomez @zemogle