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Engaging Young Children


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"Engaging Young Children"
Ingrid Smit

Presentation given at the 3rd UNAWE Multidisciplinary Workshop

Date: June 16, 2008

Published in: Education
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Engaging Young Children

  1. 1. Involvement of children
  2. 2. Starting point! Development of children! Connecting to their world! Dealing with children’s issues! Identification possibilities! Format fits to the content! Invite children to act & participate
  3. 3. Do I know my targetgroup?Cognitive developmentEmotional developmentSocial development
  4. 4. 6-12 yearsCOGNITIVE! Reading & writing! Logical reasoning! Concrete thinking! Short/long term memory! Awareness environment! Learning strategies
  5. 5. 6-12 yearsSOCIAL-EMOTIONAL! Capable to handle different emotions! Growing understanding in the meaning of..! Social relations extend! Better dealing with stress! Less egocentric
  6. 6. teenagers! Big physical change! Abstract thinking! Independence from parents! Discovering own identity! Strong need to share feelings within peergroup
  7. 7. Quality standards ! Involvement ! Credibility ! Aesthetic quality ! Entertainment ! Rolemodel ! Absence of harmful effects
  8. 8. Research & Create! Content & design ! Interaction ! Look & feel ! Target
  9. 9. Tips!!!!!!!
  10. 10. Portalstrategy is one way……! Banners! E-mail! Games! Viral marketing! Weblog! Search
  11. 11. From online to offline activities