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Top 10 Android Cell Phones Review From below US$200 in 2001


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The most informal and detail reviews of top smart phones in, which is beneficial and good for both small businessmen who are looking for fortune methods and some one who like google android smart phone but haven't enough money to buy iphone4!

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Top 10 Android Cell Phones Review From below US$200 in 2001

  1. 1. Top 10 Android Cell Phones Review From below US$200 in 2001<br />ProductsFeaturesPricePicturesH2000Android 2.2/TouchScreen/Quad-band/FM/TV/Media/Camera/Dual Card/NavigationUS$199.90Hero G9Android 2.2/3.5 Inch Touch Screen/Quad-band/FM/TV/Media/Camera/Dual Card/NavigationUS$132.90Google Smart PhoneAndroid 2.2/3.5 Inch Touch Screen/Quad-band/FM/TV/Media/Camera/Dual Card/Navigation/Trace BallUS$135.90P800Android 2.2/3.5 Inch Touch Screen/Quad-band/FM/TV/Media/Camera/Dual Card/GPSUS$174.91EU Smart PhoneAndroid 2.2/3.6 Inch Touch Screen/Quad-band/FM/TV/Media/Camera/Dual Card/GPSUS$151.87Poseidon XK13Android 2.2/2.7 Inch Touch Screen/Quad-band/FM/TV/Media/Camera/Dual Card/qwerty KeyboardUS$129.21Poseidon XK14 Android 2.2/4.5 Inch Touch Screen/Quad-band/FM/TV/Media/Camera/Dual CardUS$190.40Poseidon XK15Android 2.2/3.8 Inch Touch Screen/Quad-band/FM/TV/Media/Camera/Dual CardUS$163.21Andromeda FV13Android 2.2/4.1Inch Touch Screen/Quad-band/FM/TV/Media/Camera/Dual Card/GPS/WIFIUS$176.01Andromeda FV14Android 2.2/3.8Inch Touch Screen/Quad-band/FM/TV/Media/Camera/Dual Card/GPS/WIFIUS$196.45<br />, who is one of the best professional electronic suppliers around the world, has been granted long-term reputation and popularity within electronic customers. Under the condition of first-tier ERP, 5,000 SKU items, international warehouses, high-quality but affordable price, is no doubt to be the new fad for gadget and electronic fans this century. The above top 10 best-seller smart cell phones are the golden brands in If you are fighting for your small business and longing for some lucrative niches, those smart phones ( ) can bring you to a new profitable world! If you just want to buy some Google smart phone, but you don’t have enough money to get an iphone4, Don’t worry, as long as you have 200 US dollars, you can get one in and receive it within one week!<br />What a deal, what are you waiting for, come to get one right now!<br />