Three Threats Android 4.0 Encounters after Breaking, Hootoo Reports


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This article provides three main threats that Android 4.0 needs to face after debut in Hongkong today, Hootoo reports.

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Three Threats Android 4.0 Encounters after Breaking, Hootoo Reports

  1. 1. Three Threats Android 4.0 Encounters after Breaking, Hootoo Reports <br />leftcenterAccording to the breaking news occupying in several main media, Google has taken the stage in Hong Kong to make the next version of Android OS, nicknamed Ice Cream Sandwich. Better known as Android 4.0 appears to offer a massive redesign to the user interface and adds a plethora of new features. So here's what's new: first, we're seeing a new notification menu, as well as NFC-enabled Android Beam, video snapshots and an improved task manager. ICS also includes a fancy unlocking method called "Face Unlock," which uses facial recognition to ensure strangers can't use your phone without permission. Ice Cream Sandwich also includes enhancements in almost every native app within Android itself.<br />However, No matter how fantastic the Face Unlock is, how much improvement the Android camera and gallery features achieve, or the 1.2 GHz processor, there are still some potential fatal threats existing as the prosperity and competition of electronic market and internet business.<br />Here we would like to share three main threats the latest Android OS needs to face after debuting. <br />First of all, Apple<br />It’s the most obvious that Apple iOS would be the Top 1 competitor due to the neck-and-neck achievements in softwares, and both of them are the major giants to share our electronic and gadget market nowadays. Delay to October 19, 2011 not October 11 to leak on this new operating system is a wise option for Google, because Google needs to avoid the International Apple Wave caused by Steve Job’s passing away and iPhone 4S, which sold more than 4 million within the first week. <br />Secondly, Microsoft<br />As the biggest and richest internet company, Microsoft has already prepared tons of patent traps ahead of Android 4.0. This is an inevitable dilemma because Google is also a patent-based company, while Microsoft, no less to mention Apple, Oracle needs to protect their patent from infringement. For this sake, many manufacturers may prepared more options for them. <br />At last, Aliyun<br />Aliyun is a branch office of, which is famous by Ali OS, the first national internet platform to support data center and mobile terminal. The most prominent features of Ali OS lies in the 100 GB Cloud Space, in which users can use thousands of hundreds of Cloud Apps without download and enjoy various Cloud Services like Maps, Emails, in addition, users can connect tons of web service to mobile phones via Ali OS. Because of the ‘open to and share with the public’ features, should be another threat for Android. <br />