Prosperity of Electronic and Gadgets Declares the Text Messaging End


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This article displys 4 electronic and gadget reasons leading to the end of Text Messaging Market in our daily life within 3-5 years.

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Prosperity of Electronic and Gadgets Declares the Text Messaging End

  1. 1. Prosperity of Electronic and Gadgets Declares the Text Messaging End<br />right1209675Google purchased the initial developer of the software, Android Inc., in 2005, which currently contains more than 250,000 apps available for Android Cell Phones. Google acquires Motorola Mobility recently at 12.5 billion dollars in order to develop Android technology further. All above can be the self-obvious testimony for the prosperity of electronics and gadgets ( ) around the world, which negatively has an effect on the development of plain text messaging service nowadays. Text messaging service, as one of the technologies that we are all used to and use on a daily basis is the humble text message. We have all been using it for about 15 years. It has changed the way we communicate. But for the first time in its history the text message is under serious pressure for a whole range of competitors. Open-source Apps provide on the base of Android Systems, Smart Phones and Social Networks are likely to declare the disappear of Text Messaging Service within 3-5 years.<br />Apps Disrupting the Text market<br />-4000501609725If you have an eye on the international business like London riots, you must notice the powerful function of Twitter, BBM and Facebook in the course of Riots and Cleanup via various App Ends. Have a look at the app store on your phone and the chances are one of these apps will be the number 1 best seller which tells you everything you need to know. Crucially a one off purchase of about $1 and a data connection is all you need to message all your friends for free, which may be the reason why Apps can disrupt Text Messaging Market.<br />Smartphones to Blame Because of Powerful<br />The networks are coming under pressure in the text message space from the improved phones they’re selling. Smart phones, as one of the typical electronics and gadgets ( ) nowadays and their apps have opened up a whole range of new possibilities when it comes to communicating. Add in the fact that 3G and WiFi connections are 32099251409700improving, the need to text one another traditionally is decreasing. We all use our smartphones to access services like Twitter and Facebook in a way that we never could have thought of 3 or 4 years ago and all those services are also competing with SMS now. Take smart cell phones in for instance, Touch Screen, Dual Card Dual, Quadband, TV, FM, Bluetooth Smart Phones can meet all your electronic needs. You can enjoy the most wonderful cell phone experience saving for Text messaging. <br />Social Networks Cracking Text Market<br />If one company has a chance of cracking this market then it is Facebook, as a social networking service and website launched in February 2004, who operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc, as of July 2011, owning more than 800 million active users. Most of the people you know and want to communicate with are already on Facebook and although they will have to download the app you can see more and more -419100-95250people using this than any other platform. The app is of course based on Beluga which Facebook acquired as the hot new messaging service earlier this year and you can expect them to start giving it a huge push over the remainder of the year.<br />Prosperity of Video Meeting Shocks<br />One more competitor to SMS in the following years should be the popularity of Videos. The application and support of video meeting in many networks like facebook and accelerating users of this App, plus the prior advantages of video which can put  picture and sound together can pave the wide way for video communication while have a shock to SMS to some extent.<br />