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This article will provide you a good summary of "what's IP camera" and " what's the advantage and disadvantage of IP camera", which will have a good effect on customers' final decision on "why i need a IP camera?"

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IP Camera from IP Security Specialists of NearbyExpress

  1. 1. IP Camera from IP Security Specialists of NearbyExpress<br />Recent years, with the improvement of standard living, people pay more attention to life’s quality like spirit enjoyment and safety feeling. According to a secret research held by NearbyExpress (www.nearbyexpress.com ) who is the professional dropship supplier of IP/Internet Camera, market of IP camera is expanding since 2006 when it’s popping up.<br />Before making an impartial judge on IP camera, let’s have a glimpse of “what’s it?”<br />An IP camera, often also called a network camera, can be described as a camera and computer combined in one unit. The main components of a network camera include a lens, an image sensor, one or several processors, and memory. The processors are used for image processing, compression, video analysis and networking functionalities. The memory is used for storing the network camera’s firmware (computer program) and for local recording of video sequences. Like a computer, the network camera has its own IP address, is connected directly to a network and can be placed wherever there is a network connection. In a common word, putting an IP camera in your American office, you can see the real-time video in your Chinese home by IP camera.<br />Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages are becoming obvious. Let’s start from its advantages.<br />First of all, these cameras have high resolution of minimum 640x480. They provide image of HDTV image quality and can capture up to 30 frames every second.<br />Secondly, it gives you flexibility. IP security cameras can be handled easily and can cover your house and office completely. You can move the IP security cameras anywhere. It can work as long as it is on IP network.<br />Thirdly, it lets you communicate with the video because it is enabled with a two-way audio system through one network cable. One common example of such communication can be seen at the gas stations where a clerk can assist a customer from a remote location.<br />Fourthly, IP cameras can work with a wireless network. For the configuration at the initial stage a router is required. After you install the camera you can use it with wireless technology. Wireless surveillance camera can work well with defense forces that mobile surveillance is required.<br />When comes to the disadvantages, it can be listed as follow.<br />1- IP security cameras signals can be picked up by digital video recorders, so it reduces the security of the images. Additionally, because the signals transmit wirelessly, they can be easily jammed. <br />2- Each wireless security cameras’ function that uses a slice of RF spectrum- Radio Frequency ranged 30 kHz to 300 GHz- and has a portion in the total spectrum dedicates its own operation. In other words, the number of wireless IP security cameras that are involved in one area is limited by the total available spectrum provided for delivery system for these cameras3- Wireless IP security camera batteries are not appropriate for the long- lifespan usage.<br />4- Regarding to the quality of images, wireless IP security camera produces bad quality of images, which occurs because of signal interference and lack of light, besides, the wireless IP camera incapability to start a good record in outdoor application.<br />In an impartial conclusion, 4VS4 for IP camera ( http://www.nearbyexpress.com/catalog-products-1/security-surveillance-alarm.html ), whether IP camera or which kind of IP camera being suitable for you or not depends on what kind of functions you need. If you just want to keep your home safe, that would be a right choice, but if you need to record some secrets, it’d better not to take this one which might be captured by others. It all depends on you!<br />