How to Use Hootoo Electronics and Gadgets Positively in London Riots


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This article takes 2011 London Riots as background to display the positive advantages of social media, in order to show the proper way of using Hootoo electronics and gadgets.

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How to Use Hootoo Electronics and Gadgets Positively in London Riots

  1. 1. How to Use Hootoo Electronics and Gadgets Positively in London Riots<br />Between 6 and 10 August 2011, many London districts and some other cities and towns in England suffered widespread rioting, looting and arson, which had been passed almost for one week when various News Agents reported the whole course of melee. From this big event, saving for some serious issues, it’s really hard to ignore the powerful function of social networks which function via electronics and gadgets like smart cell phones, android pads and even TV, Radio stuff in the course of inciting riots. Social media has become a common knowledge for a time. From Egypt and Syria now to England, they were shocked by social media one by one. However, there are still more positive advantages of social media than its drawbacks. I would like to take about it from the London riots.<br />Two famous tags should be mentioned in First of all, #londonriots was the first tag people took to talk about this London riots. As the development of this chaos, some active ones made out Event Map ( taking advantage of Twitter, which was almost two days earlier than Guardian’s Map. This Event Map was not only good for updating the procedure of riots but also gave hands to policemen and someone planning out. Second one, #riotcleanup had already been reported popularly, which is in the spirit of justice, turning the negative status of social media to the positive one. Due to this tag, thousands of people are called to reorder and clean up the messy streets and shops after rioters gone. <br />Last testimony can be provided by London Policemen, who collected evidences as many as possible via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr to arrest suspects. And even put some shortcuts in public TV to search for suspects. <br />In a conclusion, social media via electronic and gadgets, especially from cell phones can affect immediately in positive aspects. Electronics and gadgets ( ) from may to blame when people have no idea how to use it properly, while people will damn love it after you know it!<br />