How to identify your laptop lcd screen problems and fix it


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This article displays three different problems laptop LCD screen probably coming across during usage, meanwhile providing specific ways to solve those problems, which are very informal and helpful for green hands of laptop LCD screen to some extent.

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How to identify your laptop lcd screen problems and fix it

  1. 1. How to Identify Your Laptop LCD ScreenProblems and Fix It? While routine computer maintenance can is the best way to keep your computer running at peak efficiency, problems can still arise with your laptops LCD screen.However, if you’re a green hand of laptop, a sudden out-of –work of laptop LCD screen can be a severe headache. Most ofcustomers will send the faulty laptop LCD screen to repaircenter. But what if you can find out the key cause and fix it byyourself? Therefore, the most prominent issue lays in how toidentify your laptop LCD screen problems. We can take AUOB173RW01 LCD Screen Panel as an example to illustrate.First of all, overall check to find out the causes.According to various performances of the AUO B173RW01laptop LCD screen(
  2. 2. b173rw01-v0-lcd-screen-panel-p-57762.html), you may come across different problems. Aiming to diversityproblems, there are specific solutions.The splash screen (the screen that displays the computermanufacturers logo) is the first place to look if you suspectproblems. If it comes on and you see lines, that could mean dirtor water behind your screen.Then after mounting your AUO B173RW01 laptop LCD screento monitor, you should check the screen image. Sometimes thescreens image may be dim. You can connect your laptop to anexternal monitor to see if theres an issue. If you can get animage on the external monitor that isnt dim, there may be aproblem with your AUO B173RW01 laptop LCD screensmotherboard. If the image is still dim, then the problem may bea bad backlight, which will have to be replaced by aprofessional.If the screen doesnt power on, listen for your laptops fan. Nosound from the laptop fan could mean that the fan has failed or,in some cases, the power supply.Secondly, specific solutions to each problem
  3. 3. 1, if your problem is lying in splash screen, a must and only youneed is a piece of microfiber cloth, which is the best cleaner forlaptop LCD screen. For the general dirt and grease, dampmicrofiber cloth is better than wet one.2, referring to the dim AUO B173RW01 laptop LCD screenimage, when it’s caused by faulty LCD’s motherboard, you mayneed to replace the entire laptop LCD screen not justmotherboard. If it results from a bad backlight, the laptop LCDscreen will have to be replaced by a professional.3, if screen cant power on, you can replace the fan or laptop ACadapter. However, bad news is that a number of manufacturesare scammers who are waiting for you- those innocentcustomers to buy some replacements but not original ones atlucrative price. is a reliable supplier of electronics,especially computer peripherals such as laptop LCD screen,laptop AC adapter, laptop battery and laptop keyboard withlong-term standing and popularity.All in all, without exception, your laptop LCD screen will comeacross various problems, what you can do first is to identify it,and then fix it. But the most important thing is to find out a
  4. 4. reliable supplier to get original in order to reduce the faultyrisks to some extent.Link: words:laptop LCD screen, laptop LCD panel, AUO B173RW01 laptopLCD screen, b173rw01 v0 LCD screen, b173rw01 v0 screen