Hootoo LED Hand Showers Comfort You with Temperature-detectable Merit


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This article provides you the detail introduction of the merits and advantages of LED hand showers, eco-friendly, colorful, temperature-detectable and comfortable, which is the best pal for your dark singing show.

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Hootoo LED Hand Showers Comfort You with Temperature-detectable Merit

  1. 1. Hootoo LED Hand Showers Comfort You with Temperature-detectable Merit<br />-2190751419225Another breaking news in last week for Hootoo customers, LED hand showers with temperature-detectable merit had already moved to the top 10 best-sellers list, which are composed of high-quality, competitive price and changeable colors after releasing the LED watches, LED T-shirts, LED flashlights and LED plant grow lights. <br />Before introducing this LED hand showers to you, let’s have a look at the following reviews from hootoo customers. <br />I finally purchased a magic shower head after a few months of hearing about it, and So far its been pretty cool! I had it for about a week now, Honestly I thought it was going to be more brighter(color of water fades away about 2ft after coming out) But even still, its a great shower head, Awesome pressure, Cool Colors, and very simple to install. Now this shower head does not come with a hose, so you will need to purchase one if you dont have it set up(I got one at amazon for $41.20) Overall i rate this a 4.5 Star, Recommended for anyone who just needs a change of pace from your normal shower. For me I've always took my showers in the dark, just way more relaxing, This shower head is just as relaxing, plus you can actually see what your doing, and its colorful! <br />From the above reviews, some merits can be discovered as follow: <br />● Temperature-detectable hand shower with LED lighting indication● Automatic and instant LED lighting when water flows down<br />● 3-color indication: Green for ≤32℃, Blue for 33℃-41℃, Red for 42℃-45℃, which allows for awareness of water temperature by vision instead of touch<br />In addition to the above obvious features, there’re more advantages paid attention by buyers.<br />● Low flow for water saving without sacrificing comfort● Eco-friendly product with no requirement of battery or other power supply● CE and RoSH certificated● LED quantity: 9 pcs● LED lighting color: Green/Blue/Red● Cover material: ABS● Surface finish: Electroplating● Cover color: Metallic silver<br />Holiday season is just around the corner. Are you prepared? If not, this cool gadget should deserve a spot on your shopping list for gift. The LED temperature-detectable hand shower packs style, quality, functionality and fun. It is practical since people can be aware of the water temperature just by vision rather than through touch. Hence it can prevent scalding. From the perspective of environment protection, the low-flow shower also does a good job. It saves water without sacrificing comfort. Plus, it doesn’t need battery or any power supply. Do you like to shower at dark singing at the same time? Come to get a LED hand shower in Hootoo.com, this one should be the best pal for your dark singing show!<br />