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Google Acquires Motorola Mobility, What Android Cell Phone Can Get?


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Google announces to acquire Motorola Mobility on 15 August, 2011, which likes a big boom in android cell phone market. This article provides five main effects this acquisition to Android cell phones.

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Google Acquires Motorola Mobility, What Android Cell Phone Can Get?

  1. 1. Google Acquires Motorola Mobility, What Android Cell Phone Can Get?<br />36290251961515Google, as the Silicon Valley giant, known for search engine and android cell phone software, made a $12.5 billion bet to acquire Motorola Mobility on 15 August, 2011, which moved aggressively to take on its arch rival Apple in the mobile market. The acquisition, Google’s largest to date and an all-cash deal would put the company in head-to-head competition with its own business partners, the many phone makers that use Android software, as well as with Apple.<br />The effect of a Google-Motorola Mobility merger on consumers is unclear. There are at least 5 main effects related android cell phones ( ) made by this Google’s big bet. <br />First of all, replace patent war to marketing war and remain to develop android system<br />In the past few days, Google posted to blame Apple and Microsoft’s anti-competition resulting from patent thread, which has a huge negative effect on Android’s popularity, benefit’s distribution reasonably and even the popularity of Mobile Internet. Therefore, the biggest result of this acquisition is to avoid this unreasonable patent war. On the other hand, Google, at the spirit of open free source to the world, provides free open-source cell phone operating system to promote ecosystem competition and add map search services in the background, which stimulates to develop android system continuously. <br />Secondly, Android Cell phone makers will go on to support Google Alliance<br />Many android cell phone makers like HTC, Sony-Ericsson would like to support Google Alliance because of short-term and medium-term stability of this group; moreover, they have no other better choice right now. However, in order to build a healthier Google Alliance, two musts should be paid more attention to, one is to provide patent indemnification for manufacturers, and two is to comfort them with Firewall like Windows did several years ago. <br />Thirdly, Motorola Mobility is still an independent sub-company of Google taking different civilization and Moto’s brand value into account. What’s more available is to put forward some advice in the course of developing next Android Version for Moto Mobility and accept Android source code from Moto engineers fro Google Company. <br />Fourthly, Microsoft would move attention to cell phone makers from acquiring NOKIA<br />The emergency for Microsoft is to attract some Hardware Manufacturers from Google Alliance by Patent Suits and Marketing Profits. Though it’s possible to acquire NOKIA, the most suitable moment should lay in the time when Microsoft gives up the business of operating system license. <br />Fifthly, Apple is till the irreplaceable giant <br />No matter in the aspect of software, hardware and service, Apple still in the dominant position because of its NO.1 design and brand name. What’s more, Apple can thread many other weaker small companies to make margins from it and constrain the development of Android. <br />