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Ghosts Are Watching You? Various Ghost Detectors Take You Pick!


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New addition to our Spy Gadgets collection, the Hootoo brand Ghost Detector for finding ghosts, vampires, werewolves, closet monsters and other demons.

Worried about paranormal activities? Well, don't worry anymore, our exclusive wireless Ghost Detector is here to help. Simply insert your two AAA batteries (not included), turn it on, and move around the selected room to see if there are any culprits within 5 meters. Then when one is detected you have just enough time to get out your garlic, holy water, or ecto-trap to engage your unwanted visitor.

In stock right now in our U.S. warehouse, have the safest house on the block by getting your own Hootoo Ghost Detector from!

Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Ghosts Are Watching You? Various Ghost Detectors Take You Pick!

  1. 1. Ghosts Are Watching You?Various Ghost Detectors TakeYou Pick!When referring to “ghost”, in my opinion, it can bedivided into two concepts, one refers to theparanormal things like Ghosts, Vampires andWerewolves, but others relates to high-techelectronics such as spy camcorder( ),mini recorder and pinhole camera in meetingroom, showering room and so on. No matter whoyou are, it’s normal for us to reject to besupervised by others, sometimes even there’snobody, you still can feel the focusing eyes behindyour back, which can make you crazy and mad.
  2. 2. Therefore, finding out the spy eyes is the root toresolve this problem. There are multiple tools youcan take to dig “ghost” out here to share with you.First of all, EMFThe only common of real ghost and spay camera isthe fluctuation of electromagnetic wave. Therefore,EMF which stands for Electro-Magnetic Frequenciesalways is the NO.1 choice. EMF detectors weredesigned to detect electromagnetic emissions frommicrowave ovens and high tension electrical wires.EMF detectors alert investigators to the presenceof ghosts by measuring electromagnetic distortionin the two to seven milligauss range. The modelsthat come most highly recommended byparanormal investigators are the Worlds BestGhost Detectorand Wireless Ghost Detector Limited.Besides the fluctuations of electromagnetic wave,generally speaking, If you find yourself faced withsudden temperature drops, strange sounds or a
  3. 3. constant string of items being lost and thenrediscovered somewhere else, you may have aghost on your hands. Therefore, the following toolsare available too to find out “ghosts”.Secondly, Electrostatic Charge MetersElectrostatic charge meters can detect minuteelectrostatic charges, like static electricity.Investigators claim that certain hauntings areelectrostatic in nature.Thirdly, Motion DetectorsUltrasonic and microwave motion detectors usereflected waves to monitor an area for movement,even the movement of ghosts.Fourthly, Geiger CountersA Geiger counter measures alpha, beta, andgamma wave radiation. Radiation has beendetected in the area of haunting.Fifthly, Infrared Thermal Scanner
  4. 4. Infrared thermal scanners detect "cold spots" ordrops in temperature that indicates ghost activity.These cold spots may be from 25 degrees to 60degrees colder than the surrounding ambient airtemperature.