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China Unicom and Apple, Bring Electronic and Gadget to a New 3G Age


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This article takes the deal between Apple and China Unicom as a set to display three obvious benefits to three different units.

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China Unicom and Apple, Bring Electronic and Gadget to a New 3G Age

  1. 1. China Unicom and Apple, Bring Electronic and Gadget to a New 3G Age<br />After an apparent breakdown of negotiation between Apple and China Mobile, which is the biggest wireless carrier in China occupying 415 million customers, the slow boat of Apple to China will be moving into the fast lane after a three year deal reached between Apple and China Unicom. China Unicom, who is the second wireless carrier, accounts for 140 million subscribers around the world. This deal is aiming to bring the iPhone to China before the end of the year and could do so as early as May 17, when China Unicom launches a 3G network, while officially sells in October, 2011. <br />There are at least three possible changes after this deal. First of all, widen the sales channels of iPhones and pave the way for iPads, iPods and Mac Books in Chinese Market.<br />China has the largest wireless market in the world, amounting to some 690 million subscribers, of which about 140 million are on China Unicom. Partnering with China Unicom would give Apple another advantage in that it wouldn't have to modify the iPhone's current wireless chip. China Mobile is rolling out a 3G network based on a proprietary homegrown wireless standard, while China Unicom and China Telecom--players two and three in that huge market--are using the same WCDMA technology that other GSM-based carriers like AT&T are using. The positive experience with the iPhone, and later the iPad and iPod, caused Windows users to reconsider the Mac as their personal computer. Therefore, for Apple, they can occupy much more electronic and gadget market percentage with no efforts. <br />Secondly, Unicom might be the NO.1 wireless carrier in China in the future<br />Compared with China Mobile, the present NO.1 wireless carrier in China, the most obvious gap lies in the number of subscribers. What if the Chinese Apple lovers start to choose China Unicom, which is another issue? With the 3G Age is coming, mobile phones have its operating system like PCs, iOS and Android system claim big gains. This cooperating between Apple and China Unicom must bring another shopping peak in China. China Unicom, bet you!<br />Thirdly, the biggest beneficiaries- Chinese users<br />At present, if a Chinese want to get an affordable iPhone, he/she needs to place an order from Hongkong or purchases aboard, because of the high price and omnipresent fake ones in this “Made Kingdom”, only a few of people can experience the enjoy life brought by high-tech electronics and gadgets ( )like iPhones. This time, China Unicom will bring this wonderful gadget to people’s daily life; you can get a reliable one at hand without any extra effort. What’s more, for some status-conscious consumers, this deal likes a dream comes true.<br />