Big News in Electronic & Gadget Market, iPhone 5 Made Off in July?


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This article sets the missing prototype iphone5 as backproground to display two possible results of this big news in electronic and gadget market.

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Big News in Electronic & Gadget Market, iPhone 5 Made Off in July?

  1. 1. Big News in Electronic & Gadget Market, iPhone 5 Made Off in July?<br />After Jobs’ last product ‘iQuit’, another Apple peak comes with the shock news from CNET yesterday that the prototype iPhone 5 is missing in some American Bar, which is eerily the same session with the big new of missing unreleased iPhone 4 happened last year, which was bought by gadget blog with $5,000 tearing down all related information to the world. <br />The long story started from a presumably Apple employee who was sitting in a San Francisco bar named Cava 22, missing the errant iPhone, which set off a scramble of recover the device over the few days. The later story was be continued by another presumption that this missing phone was been sold on Craigslist for $200 after the San Francisco police and Apple’s investigators got nothing from a possible theft who was ever at Cava 22 on the night the device missing. <br />According to the launch plan of iPhone 5 sourced from Apple, this device should show off at October, while will this incident affect the result of iPhone debut in the following electronic and gadget market?<br />Firstly, a common and mundane path is sold by the ‘theft’ to some tech company like gadget blog or craigslist and all the information about iphone5 would be released before the formal launch.<br />Secondly, based on the first consequence, on one hand, as the beneficiaries, many other electronic and gadget manufacturers may get much more tech information from iPhone5 which could be the top secrets of Apple, on the other hand, the sales report in October may come across some unexpected low for Apple because of the mystery reduction in iPhone5. <br />All in all, whether this news is true or not, as the electronic and gadget Giant, Apple has been always the focus around the world. Fierce competition is evitable in electronic and gadget market, that’s the reason why so many companies should pay much attention to promote by any possible ways., as one of the most professional supplier of retailing electronics and gadgets ( ) around the world, has been granted long-term reputation and popularity because of high-quality but most-affordable price in this fierce game, is the winner like Apple.<br />