Basic Equipment for Belly Dancing, Belly Dance Coin Scarf Highlights


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This article provides you the basic equipment of belly dancing costume, in which

belly dance coin scarf is granted much more compliments because of its special

and important role playing in belly dancing.

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Basic Equipment for Belly Dancing, Belly Dance Coin Scarf Highlights

  1. 1. Basic Equipment for Belly Dancing, Belly Dance Coin Scarf Highlights<br />1, barefoot<br />33147002066925The ancient Indians believe that it’s a suitable way to respect goddess by belly dancing barefoot, which probably is the source of belly dancing in barefoot way nowadays. What’s more, get rid of the shoes’ limitation to open dancer’ deeper heart and connect dancers’ physical and emotion. <br />2, casual clothing<br />762005629275It’s better for a new learner to put on casual clothing while dancing in some fitness centers. However, after you can get hold of the main points of belly dancing and are longing to show yourself in the stage, it’s indispensable to get a suit of beautiful belly dancing costume to performance perfectly. <br />3, Standard Belly Dancing Costume <br />Generally speaking, belly dancing costume can be divided into three parts, little navel-exposed coat, belly dancing coin scarf and low rise skirt or knickerbockers. Additionally, some veil or related accessories are equipped according to individual preference. What needs to pay attention is the whole color should be coordinated and integrated. Now let’s have a short tour about the above accessories one by one.<br />First of all, little navel-exposed coat<br />It’s suitable to make a little navel-exposed coat with the similar style of small short-sleeved shirt inside Indian Sari, which would be better to make short-sleeved or sleeveless style because of raising temperature and uncomfortability while dancing. Another solution is to sew beautiful sequins and colorful beads in normal bras. What should be highlighted is to pick up some durable bras in order to loading weight of sequins and beads while dancing. The thread to sew sequins and beads should be nylon wire and the sequins in sash should be elastic well, which make a great contribute to better performance. <br />Secondly, belly dance coin scarf<br />26479501429385As the most important part of belly dancing costume, belly dance coin scarf can decorate the hip line in one hand and strengthen the dynamic of belly dance in the other hand. For belly dancers, Belly Dance Coin Scarf decorated with lots of shiny gold coins is a good way to sparkle your belly dancing skills and yourself within every move. The handmade and durable hip scarf is sexy and fun to wear either casually or on stage. It creates nice Ting-a-Ling sounds by the coins while you dancing. Dramatic, yet subtle . . . Majestic, but personal . . . Unique and unforgettable . . . belly dance is one of the most beautiful attractions of Dubai deserts. The beauty of the belly dance is the moves you make with your hips, but the elegance of the dance it the outfit you wear. Belly Dance Coin Scarf ( ) is of different colors and styles. One size fits all. The right dance coin scarf can make you sparkle on the stage.<br /> <br />Thirdly, low rise skirt or knickerbockers<br />Majorly, low rise skirt or knickerbockers is made of transparent material like silk or satin, which is put on below the navel but above the butt.<br />The skirt should be long to float in the air or waving with the wind. When comes to knickerbockers, it can split to ankle. Because of the belly dance coin scarf wrapped around waist, it’s really attractive to dance in a looming way. <br />Fourthly, veil<br />It’s much more mysterious to take advantage of veil in belly dancing because of its exotic feature. Normally, veil is sized to 2m length and 1m width.<br />At last, related accessories<br />Related accessories about belly dancing costume can include ring, bracket, necklace, waist chain and anklet, ect. All in all, what the main feature of related accessories should be good for better dancing!<br />