Big Punch to Electronic & Gadget Market, iTelevision is Coming!


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This article provides three expectable effects on electronics and gadgets market bringing by the appearance of Apple itelevision, which may release in Mid-October.

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Big Punch to Electronic & Gadget Market, iTelevision is Coming!

  1. 1. Big Punch to Electronic & Gadget Market, iTelevision is Coming!<br />According to the tech news from, up to 27 August, 2011, there are multiple analysts from Silicon Valley “almost certainly” to declare the coming of digital television based on iOS operating system researched and developed by Apple. To this point, different people have different ideas. Some maintain that this repot is just the rerunning rumor which was appeared several years ago, because Apple can’t handle with the huge expend in LCD panel. However, what if this report is real? The appearance of iTelevision should be a big punch in electronic and gadget market because of the Apple business turning from IT to consumer electronics.<br />Here we would like to talk about he advantages of this change if it’s possible from three different units. <br />First and most obvious is the pressure bringing to TV makers and video websites.<br />Since Google acquired Motorola Mobility and HP damped PC department and WebOS, IT giants seem to turn from hardware to software. That’s the reason why many IT analysts promise a bright future to video websites like vimeo, metacafe, dailymotion and youtube, while this action of Apple may be a big punch to this bright promise to some extend. <br />Secondly, some capital burden to Apple<br />A full Apple TV was regarded as a rumor, which has been persistent for years and has in some cases been projections of desires more than reality, which is held back by the cost of LCD panel. Steve Jobs at the D8 conference last year went so far as to suggest that digital media hubs were struggling because they competed with free cable set-top boxes and that the "go-to-market strategy" needed to be better and it must bite a big leg and foot from Apple.<br />Thirdly, for customer, this big change can make great contribute to internet experience at home saving for portable electronics and gadgets ( ) like iphone, ipad and ipod. Itelevision can be capable of download and upload any funny and interesting video, which seems to bring a mini cinema to home, what a fancy tube!<br />