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2011 China Internet Conference Favors Hootoo Electronic & Gadget Again


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This article provides the important role of internet in our daily life which enhances the importance of electronics and gadgets to some extent, therefore, some reliable electronic and gadget suppliers like is favored in this Big Event.

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2011 China Internet Conference Favors Hootoo Electronic & Gadget Again

  1. 1. 2011 China Internet Conference Favors Hootoo Electronic & Gadget Again <br />From 23 August to 25 August, 2011, the 10th China Internet Conference holds in International Conference Center, Beijing, China, which is subjected by “Internet China with Responsibility and Vitality”. Many a great internet elites attends this big party.<br /> Academician Hu, chairman of China Internet Association, maintains that Internet plays an important role in the development of national economy and society. Additionally, the prosperity of mobile internet, cloud computing and other emerging industries make contribute to the acceleration of innovation-based economy. The popularity and prosperity of Internet enhances the importance of some electronics and gadgets ( ) like smart cell phones or android tablets in people’s daily life. <br />At the same time, the application and composition of internet and smart phones pave the way for the omnipresent SNS like Facebook, Twitter. The recent and most obvious event which can reflect the powerful of social network should be the London Riots. In this melee, rioters communicated via those instant massagers, England policemen arrested suspects from the imply pictures posted in Flickr and the most famous #riotcleanup was displayed by some Twitter users.<br />Generally speaking, everything in the world is the contradictory unit, with no exception of internet, that’s the reason why the subject of this China Internet Conference is responsibility and vitality. However, the internet spread can not exist without electronics and gadgets, a powerful android cell phone or a reliable electronic and gadget supplier is vital.<br />In this Internet Convention,, as one of the professional supplier of retailing electronics and gadgets seems to grant much more favors because of long-term reputation and popularity in internet business.<br />Still remember the Global Mobile Internet Conference held in China National Convention Center on April 28, 2011, which is Asia's largest and most elite mobile internet conference. The GMIC is specifically designed for mobile internet leaders to connect with each other, learn from top industry influencers and promote their initiatives. The 2011 GMIC will take place in Beijing, China on April 27-28 and will feature over 70 speakers from companies like Tencent, GREE, Motorola, Opera, Softbank, China Mobile, Mixi, Alibaba, Paypal, Nokia, SK Telecom and even Hootoo, who as one of the special representatives of electronic and gadget ( ) supplier, is touting much. <br />