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Gioia Small - TWE - UNAA Corporate Water Valuation Seminar Presentation 29.04.2013


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Gioia Small, Regional Manager Sustainability and Vintrepreneur, Treasury Wine Estates- Presentation at the United Nations Association of Australia (Victorian Division) Corporate Sustainability Leadership Seminar ‘Corporate Water Valuation: Accounting for Risks and Impacts, Valuing Ecosystem Services’ held on Monday 29 April 2013, in partnership with National Australia Bank
Held in support of the International Year of Water Cooperation, seminar addressed some of the challenges and opportunities associated with corporate water valuation, as well as local actions and global tools and initiatives in this area. It highlighted some examples of what Australian businesses are doing, alongside government and NGOs, to measure and manage their risks, impacts and dependencies on water.

Guest Speakers & Panelists included:
• Rosemary Bissett, Head of Sustainability, Governance & Risk, Enterprise Risk, National Australia Bank
• Matt Kendall, General Manager, Planning and Evaluation Group, National Water Commission
• Carl Obst, Editor, UN System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA)
• Jean-Michel Seillier, Regional Manager Victoria, Veolia Water
• Gioia Small, Regional Manager Sustainability and Vintrepreneur, Treasury Wine Estates
• Michael Spencer, Secretary, Water Stewardship Australia and Fellow, Department of Business, Law and Taxation, Monash University

• Rob Gell, Environmental Entrepreneur, Chairman of UNESCO Western Port Biosphere, and Chair of Wildlife Victoria

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Gioia Small - TWE - UNAA Corporate Water Valuation Seminar Presentation 29.04.2013

  1. 1. Turning Water into WineGioia Small, Regional Manager Sustainability, 29th April 2013
  2. 2. Agenda1. Industry snapshot2. Importance of water3. Top risks4. TWE water risk tool5. Water strategy
  3. 3. Industry snapshot - 201231. Australian wine companies 2,5722. Vineyard area 148,509 ha3. Winegrape intake 1,660,127 tonnes4. Wine production 1,100 MLSource:
  4. 4. Water is an important resource4Need to understand and manage the risks
  5. 5. Risk 1. Climate change – it’s getting warmer and drier5Source:
  6. 6. Risk 2. Declining water resources6Source:
  7. 7. This is what it looked like at the peak of the drought7Source:
  8. 8. Risk 3. Water policy and market responses8Source:
  9. 9. Risk 4 – Declining water resources and impact on waterquality9
  10. 10. TWE Water Risk Assessment Tool10Currentwaterdemand vssupplyCurrentwaterqualityFuturewaterdemand vssupply+ +Overallsite risk=How well dowe meet ourproductiontargets withthe waterresources wehave?Averagesalinity levelsfor the last 5yearsAridity indexfor 2015 and2030 derivedfrom climatechangemodellingGenerates anoverall scorefor ourvineyardassetUnderpinning Knowledge
  11. 11. Our Water Strategy111. Optimise our water assets2. Prepare for a water constrainedfuture3. Contribute to the long-termenvironmental sustainability ofAustralia4. Be recognised for sustainable watermanagement