Chisago Lakes Area: Tourism Assessment Program Case Study 2008-2011


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The tourism industry in Chisago County’s city of Lindstrom was assessed using the University of Minnesota Tourism Center’s Tourism Assessment Program. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the city’s tourism were identified and used to inform actions to strengthen the industry in Lindstrom.

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  • Chisago Lakes Area: Tourism Assessment Program Case Study 2008-2011

    1. 1. Chisago Lakes AreaTourism Assessment ProgramCase Study2008-2011Liz TemplinExtension ProfessorUniversity of MinnesotaExtension
    2. 2. Lindstrom•Settled in 1853•Similar to Sweden•Population 4,442•Minneapolis: 35 mi
    3. 3. Vilmelm MobergLindstromCollected storiesRequired reading for allchildren in Sweden
    4. 4. Lindstrom Tourism•Swedish Tour Buses•Hazelden families
    5. 5. Welcome to your source forMinnesota tourism education and research!
    6. 6. University of Minnesota Extension• Founded as “AgriculturalExtension Service”• “Extend U research”• Community Economics:– Retail Analysis andDevelopment– Business Retention andExpansion– Public Finance– E-Commerce– Tourism (• Festival and EventManagement• Customer Service• Tourism Assessment Program
    7. 7. Toolkit for communitiesAvailable on
    8. 8. Tourism Assessment ProgramBenefits• Is tourism right for us?• What tourism trends are impacting us?• What are our tourism strengths andweaknesses?• What are our tourism markets?• What are our tourism business opportunities?
    9. 9. Research Steps1. Review existing data onthe community2. Community Visit– Community compiles list ofattractions– A tour of the city and area– Visits to sites and attractions– Casual conversations– A community forum:values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats3. Report withRecommendations
    10. 10. Lindstrom Findings• Strengths:– Water/lakes– Swedish heritage• Weaknesses:– Lack of hospitality facilities (lodging)– Lack of community cohesiveness• Opportunities– Being a Swedish tour destination– Day trips from Minneapolis – St Paul• Threats– Lack of community cooperation– Traffic congestion
    11. 11. Tourism Reality• Reality: Lindstromcurrently hosts tourists– friends and family ofresidents– Swedish visitors wantingto see Moberg sites– Hazelden– to people passing on theirway to other locations.• Challenge: How tomanage the visitorexperience to the benefitof residents and businessowners.• Results!
    12. 12. Key Actions & Success Since 20081. Increased Community Cooperation2. Enhanced Marketing3. Expanded Attractions4. Preserving Lake Quality5. Expanding Lodging
    13. 13. 1. Increased Community Cooperation• Tourism committee:– Business leaders– City staff• Chamber of Commerce:– Weekly email on upcoming group tours– Businesses obtained email addresses
    14. 14. City Efforts toWork with Businesses•Weekly email updates•Business Breakfast•Market during road construction
    15. 15. 2012 Road Construction:Saw financial impact of tourism!
    16. 16. New marketing realitiesMany businesses believeda telephone was all theyneededLearning: If you’re not onthe internet, customerscan’t find you
    17. 17. Lindstrom On-Line PresenceNo Website: 13%WebsiteNo WebsiteIncorrect Google Places: 11%Google PlacesCorrectGoogle PlacesIncorrect
    18. 18. Missing Social Media94% Not on Yelp (iPhone search) 96% not on FacebookYelp ClaimedYelp Not ClaimedYelp Not ListedOn FacebookNot on Facebook
    19. 19. Multi-Community Cooperation
    20. 20. 2. Enhanced Marketing
    21. 21. 3. Expand Attractions
    22. 22. 4. Preserving the lake’s water quality• Failing septic systems resulted in annexationto city• Added rain garden
    23. 23. 5. Expand Lodging Options
    24. 24. Challenges• Funding for staff to do tourism marketing• Business use of the internet
    25. 25. Thank youLiz