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Unlimit automotive oct-2015


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The automotive OEM is betting that a totally connected car will allow for advanced technological innovations that simplify the task of driving.

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Unlimit automotive oct-2015

  1. 1. By building connectivity into every vehicle it sells, a leading automotive manufacturer offers consumer internet services that continue to improve the driving experience over time. The automotive OEM is betting that a totally connected car will allow for advanced technological innovations that simplify the task of driving. Cutting-edge capabilities built into the car include assisted driving features such as self parking and adaptive steering, as well as comfort features that automatically set the temperature and radio stations to the driver’s preference. By integrating telematics into the heart of every vehicle, it’s one of the first automotive OEMs to use the built-in internet connection for updating the vehicle firmware and software. Further, the OEM uses the embedded connectivity to communicate with repair centers, provide real-time traffic-aware navigation routing, and stream infotainment services. The embedded internet connectivity is provided by a radio module that is built into the car. As the connected car sales continue to grow, the manufacturer uses Control Center to manage data costs for this data intensive vehicle. Innovative car manufacturer continues to improve the driving experience with in-vehicle connectivity Connected Car Customer Use Case In some months, this OEM has seen vehicle data costs reduced by nearly 70 percent with Control Center. CONFIDENTIAL
  2. 2. • Manage monthly data charges • Improve service reliability Business goals • Support call centers with easy-to-use remote diagnostics capabilities Operational challenges How Control Center helps • Using real-time visibility into data usage and retroactive data plan selection, the OEM consistently is able to manage and significantly decrease its total data costs By the numbers North America, Europe 400+ rate plans Geographic markets Rate plans Control Center usage details Benefits • Thousands of automated provisioning actions/month • Quickly roll out new vehicles and provision according to its stage in the vehicle lifecycle Functionality • Use SMS to communicate with cars more than 1 million times/month • GetTerminalDetails API used nearly 350,000 times per month to determine vehicle status • Change rate plans more than 14,000 times/month • Prepare cars for OTA firmware or software updates • Provides complete visibility of the rate plans, connection state, and more for the entire fleet • Reduce costs by ensuring each car is using the appropriate rate plan Automation • Use Spotlight network diagnostics ~200 times in a single month • Connectivity-related issues have dropped to 0.3% per month Diagnostics © Jasper. All rights reserved. +1.650.810.8000 UC_AutoOEM_101415 CONFIDENTIAL