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Student health and wellness singular


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Student health and wellness singular

  1. 1.  UMKC Student Health and Wellness strives toprovide quality health care and healthpromotion that maximizes the student learningpotential.
  2. 2.  Phone: (816) 235-6133 Website: Facebook: UMKC Student Health Twitter: @UMKC_Health Foursquare: Student Health & Wellness Pinterest: Student Health
  3. 3.  Student Health provides health care for acuteillness, stable chronic illnesses, contraceptivecounseling, and contraception, well womenexaminations, physical examinations, and STIcounseling and testing. Student Health and Wellness is also able toprovide immunizations and laboratory testing.
  4. 4.  Student Health is staffed by NursePractitioners, Registered Nurses, a HealthEducator, and support staff. Physician consultation is available to the NursePractitioners as needed and a Physician isonsite weekly. Nurse Practitioners can assess, diagnose, andtreat acute illnesses and stable chronic illnesses.They can also prescribe medications as neededfor illnesses.
  5. 5.  To make online appointments or to send asecure message to a provider, use the link onthe Student Health and Wellness website orvisit our secure Student Health and Wellnessweb portal:
  6. 6.  Health Promotion Services supports student’ssuccess by providing timely and accurateinformation, smoking cessation, health-relatedprograms and events. Health Promotion Services is committed tocreating a healthy campus environment. Foradditional information contact our HealthEducator
  7. 7.  There is no visit charge for currently enrolledUMKC students. Some services do incur a fee. Charges can be paid by cash, check, orstudent’s UMKC account.
  8. 8.  Students may be seen regardless of their insurancestatus. Student Health does not bill insurance directly. An itemized and coded form can be requested andsubmitted to insurance for reimbursement by thestudent. UMKC does not offer a student accident andsickness insurance plan through Aetna StudentHealth. Information can be found at Student Health andWellness website.
  9. 9.  The MindBody Connection, located in theStudent Success Center, strives to enhancestudent development and academic success tohelp students manage stress by: Identify and capitalize on student’s personalstrengths. Learn and implement new skills. Access relevant campus and community resources.
  10. 10.  2 Massage Chairs Herbal Tea and Hot Chocolate HeartMath Aromatherapy Reading Station Wii Informational Brochures Tuesday Tune-Ups Puzzles Study Room