Social Media Marketing Made Simple NCM


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A Best Practices and Strategy Overview for Small Business and Nonprofits.

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Social Media Marketing Made Simple NCM

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Made SimpleA Best Practices and Strategy Overviewfor Small Business and Nonprofits
  2. 2. Search & Discovery Copyright © 2011 Constant Contact, Inc. 2
  3. 3. Contact InformationUdo F. MischManaging Member | NeoCloud Marketing @neocloudmarket Upcoming Seminars Insight Provided by KnowHow Visit: Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  4. 4. Our Agenda What Is Social Media Marketing? Why Market Using Social Media? Doing It Well: Best Practices for Social Media Marketing for Small Business Connections Engaging Content Conversations Managing Your Activity and Time Next Steps Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  5. 5. Social Media Marketing:What is It and Why Do It? Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  6. 6. Why Do We “Market”? More… Customers Clients We Want More! Volunteers Donors/Members Brand Awareness Sales Time in the day! Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  7. 7. New Tools Have Changed the Shape ofSmall Business Marketing Tools Used to Market My Business Facebook 96% Twitter 76% LinkedIn 62% Video Sharing 53% Photo Sharing 38% Review Sites 35% Find Social Media Tool Effective*Location-Based Services 25% 86% Facebook Local / Daily deals 24% 71% Video Sharing 19% 60% Twitter MySpace 55% LinkedIn 45% Local / Daily Deals Source: Constant Contact Fall 2011 Small Business Attitudes & Outlook Survey; n=1972; 30%; B2B = 859, B2C = 1,113. *B to B and B to C were analyzed separately, but combined for market-level analysis; Approximately one-half of all respondents are either a sole proprietor or have 1-4 employees. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  8. 8. Five Types of People:Leverage Relationships to Inspire Engagement Raving Prospects Disinterested Fans Customers Suspects Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. 8
  9. 9. Social Media Marketing Is … Building your social network of fans, followers, and connections, using relevant and interesting content that is shared, allowing you to reach and engage more people and drive more business.Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  10. 10. Concerns? You Are Not Alone Social media marketing looks interesting, but … I will never have a million customers or even 5,000. Using new, inbound marketing tools sound great, but … I will never write thought leadership articles. Paying attention to what’s being said on social media sounds useful, but … I’ll never have a dedicated staff to do it right. I hear about new tools and networks everyday, but … I just don’t have the time to stay current. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  11. 11. What You DO Have is Powerful You can successfully market your small business or association because you have … • Loyal, happy customers • An excellent customer experience • Interesting and important things to say! Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  12. 12. Doing It Well:Best Practices for Small BusinessSocial Media MarketingConnections:Kickstarting your following, and usingcontent that inspires engagementEngaging Content:Creating a presenceConversations:Practical monitoring and measurement Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  13. 13. Set Reasonable Goals and Expectations Leverage your excellent customer experience for social media success Drive engagement (action) Encourage repeat business Encourage referrals Get online endorsements Reach new customers through online, word-of-mouth marketing Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  14. 14. In A Pickle: Increase Sales, Build CommunityIn A Pickle is a local favoriterestaurant in Waltham, MA. They areeverywhere on the Web. In A Pickle sends a weeklynewsletter to update customers ofspecial deals, new menu items, andevents. They use social media toexperiment, push on-the-fly specials,get feedback from customers & buildcommunity. They credit email as the hub thatbrings everything together. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  15. 15. Dingo: Build Community and ContactsDingo, a pet supplycompany, sent an emailcampaign to 8,934subscribers.Dingo shared the offer onFacebook and Twitter.Dingo had its fans jointheir email list throughthe CTCT Facebook app. Dingo gainedDingo kept their fans up 6,329 Likes and 14,140 subscribersto date on their progress.Dingo’s fans shared theircampaign through social It took them 3 days!networks and on theirown blogs.Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  16. 16. Dingo: The Important Results Monthly sales grew 22% New customers account for 45% of that growth85% of new customers have continued to buy Dingo products Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  17. 17. 99 Bottles: Using Social Media & Email for Customer EngagementCustomer: 99 BottlesLocation: Federal Way, WashingtonFind Us: Looks Like… Through the combination of social media and email marketing, 99 Bottleshas been able to grow a very strong customer base. They use Facebook and Twitter to provide quickupdates about current happenings, and email to pool all the helpful information into one place.Their Success Formula: Getting to know and inform customers through email newsletters and socialmedia. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  18. 18. Connections Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  19. 19. Be Where Your Customers Are Social Content Reviews & Location-Based Networks Sharing Ratings Sites Services The sites that your customers and members are using The sites that your partners & suppliers are using The sites that your competitors are using Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  20. 20. Discover Preferred Channels Add social icons to email Your contacts want to campaigns to define your keep in touch, but on audience’s preferred channels their terms Email Facebook TwitterCopyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. 20
  21. 21. Kickstart Growth: Use Your Email ListAnnounce your new presencein your newsletter with a clear callto action.Include standard links in everyemail so subscribers can shareyour content.Include social media signupicons in every email so subscriberscan join you on your social sites. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  22. 22. Look ProfessionalComplete your businessprofile Description Contact information Website URL Join My Mailing ListBrand your presence Logo, pictures, backgroundAdd starter content Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  23. 23. Focus Your PresenceMake your social presence a reflectionof your business/organization. Don’t blur personal and professional use.Be transparent. New users should immediately identify what you do.“Stick to Your Knitting.” Deliberately choose your expertise and areas of engagement.Put the social in the social media. Be broad and informal … and have fun! Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  24. 24. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  25. 25. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  26. 26. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  27. 27. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  28. 28. Engaging Content Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  29. 29. Starter Content Information, tips, and practical advice Questions asked by your customers Links to: – Archived email marketing newsletters – Polls and surveys – Event homepages and registration pages – Blogs (yours and others’) – Websites (yours and others in your area of expertise) – Product or service reviews – Thought-provoking discussions that inspire dialogue – Relevant videos, photos, podcasts Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  30. 30. Content is King!Content is the feederof social networks Write great content once, then broadcast it. Create sound bites for shorter media. The best content inspires sharing: a word of advice or one sentence can go a long way! Original, personalized content is important Less is more! Short content is best, one idea at a time. You can always share links to more. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  31. 31. Make Content Shareable/Broadcast-able
  32. 32. Content Reuse: Krista Photography Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  33. 33. More than 800 million active users Facebook Statistics, 2011 More than 50% of Facebook users log on any given day Facebook Statistics, 2011________________________________Create a Business Page Recruit fans Fill with content that is relevant to them – comments, photos, videos Make settings public so your customers and prospects can find you Use as an alternate landing page for your email Add a Join My Mailing List form to invite people to join your list Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  34. 34. Basic Anatomy of a Facebook Business Page Cover photo & profile picture Recent photos and images Public List of Friends/Fans Posts by You and Others Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  35. 35. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  36. 36. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  37. 37. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  38. 38. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  39. 39. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  40. 40. Twitter 160 million registered users 100 million active users, 2011 60% of users follow companies, brands, and products, 2011 _______________________ Engagement Through Sharing Share links to interesting content & ask for feedback Tweet a survey or poll Send direct messages (DMs) Retweet content from people you are following Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  41. 41. Basic Anatomy of a Twitter Feed Basic Info, Link, Description Avatar – Logo or Photo Your Handle Most Recent & Past Tweets Followers and Following Recent Images Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  42. 42. 86% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn Chief Marketer. “Social Marketing Goes Mainstream: Chief Marketer Annual Survey Find Marketers Believe in Power of Social.” 2011. There are over 75,000 Nonprofit groups using LinkedIn Nonprofit LinkedIn Learning Center, 2011________________________________Manage your professional contacts andrelationships Find individuals you know in a professional capacity Join networks or groups by industry, geography, or work history Participate in discussions Recruit attendees to your events Invite people to join your mailing list Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  43. 43. Basic Anatomy of a LinkedIn Profile Name, Location, Basic Stats Your Photo or Your Logo Logo Work Experience, Now & Then Information You Share Communication Options Your Network and Other Info, Twitter, Websites, Recommendations, etc. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  44. 44. How Social Content Decays: Facebook Attentionomics: Customize content Activate passionate customers, staff, friends, and family to re-stimulate conversations Life of a Facebook post = 9 hours Optimize for best time 90% of clicks happen within 9 hours 50% of clicks happen within the first hour to engage Source: Momentus Media, 2011 Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  45. 45. How Social Content Decays: Twitter Over 110 million tweets per day! Source: Sysomos, 2011 Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  46. 46. Building Your NetworkUse a variety of ways to expandyour network:1. Send an invitation to your email list2. Add interactive social icons to your Website Email campaigns (in a sidebar, in the footer) Outgoing email signature Business Card Printed collateral: mailers, flyers, invoices, etc.3. Put a sign in your storefront window4. Add a message to your voicemail5. Include a note on point-of-sale receipts and house coupons Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  47. 47. How Social Networks Grow: Boloco Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  48. 48. Conversations Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  49. 49. Social Media Dos: Be the ExpertFocus on the content:share knowledge so people care It’s not about you. It’s about what you know.Trade useful information for attention Will people talk about it when out with friends? Will people look forward to your next communication? Will they be inspired to share/tweet/comment on this information?Inspire trust by filtering the noise Be an expert. Clearly convey your area of expertise. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  50. 50. Dealing With The PositivePositive comments are an opportunity tointeract and help spread the messageSocial networks can be a convenient wayfor people to share interest, excitement.1. Comment back2. Answer questions.3. Share comments (content!) in other Source:, 2011 marketing channels.4. Possibly reward people who took the time to post a positive comment (offline). Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  51. 51. Engagement Starts with You!Start Conversations, Say Thank YouCopyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  52. 52. Make Online ConversationsPart of Your PresenceInvite direction andfeedback, and reallyLISTENCopyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  53. 53. Social Media Don’tsWhat NOT to include in yourFacebook, Twitter, and LinkedInupdates Don’t pitch. Don’t overtly self-promote. Don’t offer incentives to get reviews or sharing. Don’t stray from your areas of business into: personal information, politics, sports, religion, etc. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  54. 54. Turning Negativity into aGreat Customer ExperienceNegative comments are inevitable:Social networks can be a convenientway for people to vent frustrations.1. Always reach out to the customer. Pick up the phone if possible Use a private message, email, or DM2. Let your network know that you are addressing the issue. Respond! Show that you are listening and respond positively, publically3. Always seek to satisfy and delight, not defend.Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  55. 55. Managing Your TimeManaging Your Time and Activities Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  56. 56. Do It Daily, But Don’t Overdo ItA word of advice from GailGoodman,CEO of Constant Contact: “Keep your time spent in check; doing social media right does not mean doing it a lot.” It is important to stay active! 15 minutes a day, 3 times per 2011 Small Business Attitudes & Outlook Survey week is more than most small businesses. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  57. 57. What Should I Monitor? 1. Your Brand. Think about all its possible spellings/configurations. For example: Far and Away Bicycles, Far & Away, bicycles, bikes, etc. 2. Your competitors. Spot successful tactics being used by others in your industry (and the not-so-successful) For example: Does the pizzeria down the street tweet daily? Do the other consultants in your area of expertise have LinkedIn profiles? 3. Categories, topics, and keywords of your business. For example: pets, dog day care, cat, dog, pet sitting, animals, rescue, etc. 4. The experts and influencers in your business. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  58. 58. Monitor and Manage your TimePopular time management and monitoring tools include: Google Alerts HootSuite TweetDeck RSS NutshellMail Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  59. 59. NutshellMail: Efficiently Monitor Activity Interact From One Place = Your InboxCopyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  60. 60. Use NutshellMail to Engage,on Your Time Track your Page Insights Sign up for a Free NutshellMail Account. Read Fan comments Reply from your Inbox Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  61. 61. Measuring SuccessDefining Social Media Marketing Successfor Small Businesses and Organizations Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  62. 62. Measuring the Impact of Social MediaTo begin, look at: What is being said about you? Are you seen as an expert? How well are you engaging with existing experts? Are you reaching new customers en masse? How are you reaching specific customers? Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  63. 63. Social Media Successfor Small Business and OrganizationsTest to learn what works! Set up specific engagement campaigns to track social media programs that drive to your website (Google analytics) How many have read your blog? Watch how many are clicking on the social media icons in your own emails. ExactTarget, "Subscribers, Fans and Followers: The collaborative Future." September 8, 2010 Encourage and track how many people are joining your list from social media. Monitor Twitter for mentions and retweets; reward those influencers. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  64. 64. D-Lux 57: Engagement Campaign to Increase Sales and Channel AwarenessCynthia Berman owns D-Lux 57, an online fashion apron store.D-Lux 57 uses email marketing, Facebook and blogs as promotionchannels.Cynthia created a fall campaign using email and Facebook. Itincluded photos and focused on the different textile designers,whose prints were used in the D-Lux 57 aprons: Facebook post a few days before launch Newsletter was sent the day before launch The next day was the campaign kickoff, launched with a blogpost on This Lil Piglet, a blog about parenting, and offered freegiveaways for some lucky readers Another email newsletter was sent the day after launch and theevent was promoted on FacebookWithin a week, the D-Lux 57 Facebook page went from 43Likes to 241 Likes – a gain of 447.73% Cynthia says that by“reminding customers of her existence,” apron sales have gone upand more people have started to call her to ask about the product. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  65. 65. Measuring Effectiveness:BMT Promotions & TalentBMT Promotions & Talent is astaffing agency that specializes infinding staff members for conventions,conferences, and experientialmarketing events across the countryTheir list has grown from 200 to8,000 contacts who subscribe to theirjob openings emails.They divide contact lists by geographyand send them local job openings.Newsletters are shared onFacebook and Twitter and includethe Share Bar for further reach.Emails can get up to 100 extraviews when shared via socialmedia. Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  66. 66. A True Story: “I love nails!”Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  67. 67. Next Steps Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.
  68. 68. Take the Next Step Email + Social = Webinars Social Media Quickstarter Success, Guaranteed.Sign up for a free Email Register for our free Get a Social MediaMarketing trial. webinars: Quickstart!Satisfaction guaranteed. Learn more about how Get started buildingArm yourself with the tools, social media marketing connections throughplaybook, and coaching to get your can help small business social media marketing,first campaign in front of your and nonprofits optimize today!email subscribers and social marketing efforts.networks. Watch your businessgrow!Toll-free: 866-876-8464 learning-center Copyright © 2012 Constant Contact, Inc.