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Unit 8 other mood disorders


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Unit 8 other mood disorders

  1. 1. Seasonal Affective Disorder Begins late Fall and continues through Winter Relief in Spring  Hypersomnia  Anergia  Hyperphagia  Weight gain  Carbohydrate binge Rx : Light therapy SADS Treatment
  2. 2. Postpartum Disorders Postpartum Blues Postpartum Psychosis Postpartum Depression
  3. 3. Postpartum Blues Starts 3-5 days postpartum Lasts up to two weeks Crying Mood instability Hormone induced Self-limited 80% of postpartum women
  4. 4. Postpartum Psychosis Starts within 4 weeks of birth Occult affective or schizophrenic disorder Triggered by hormone shifts Severe psychosis Frequent harming of infant 1-2 per 1000 births
  5. 5. Postpartum Psychosis cont’d Treatment  Separate mother and child  Hospitalization of mother  Psychosis treated conventionally  Anti-psychotic medication  Anti-depressant medication and/or  Mood stabilizers  Stop breast-feeding
  6. 6. Postpartum Depression Occurs up to two years postpartum Irritability Feeling overwhelmed Tearfulness Failure to enjoy motherhood Thoughts of harming infant Shame and guilt
  7. 7. Postpartum Depression-cont’d Occurs in 12 % of population Independent of hormone levels Sometimes improves or becomes worse with breastfeeding Lack of social support
  8. 8. Postpartum Depression-cont’d Treatment Do breastfeeding Increase social support SSRIs Group therapy WEB based groups Postpartum Depression
  9. 9. Schizo-affective Disorders Differs in all patients Less than 1 % of population Over diagnosed in US Symptoms of Schizophrenia Symptoms of Mood disorders Increased risk for Suicide Treatment is the same as for Schizophrenia/Mood Disorders Prognosis poor