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Unit 6 suicideonline


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual
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Unit 6 suicideonline

  2. 2. Most Common Suicide Method
  3. 3. Risk factors Gender  Men 4 times more often than women -  Related to method: firearms, hanging, jumping from high places  Women 4 times more attempts than men  Overdose of psychoactive substances or poisons Age  Men- peaks at age 45  Women-occur after age 55  Older persons who account for 10% of population commit 25% of suicides  Highest suicide age range 14-44 years of age  Teen suicide fastest growing group
  4. 4. Risk Factors Race  2 of every 3 suicides white male  Whites three times as high as African Americans  Immigrants higher rate than native-borns Religion  Roman Catholics lower rate than Protestants and Jews Marital Status  Marriage lessens the risk  Never married single are the highest  Divorce and widow/erness increase the risk
  5. 5. Risk Factors Occupation  ↑ social status ↑ suicide risk  ↑ suicide rates in economic depressions and recessions  Fall in social status increases risk  Work projects against suicide  High risk occupations  Physicians, law enforcement, dentists, artists, mechanics, lawyers Health Status  Chronic illness ↑ suicide rate  Mental illness ↑ suicide rate  Substance abuse ↑ suicide rate
  6. 6. Theories Biological  Diminished central serotonin  Genetic pre-disposition  Twin studies (both twins)  Danish American Adoption study (suicidal adopted children’s natural parents were also suicides)  Parasuicidal behavior  Cutters are prone to suicide
  7. 7. Treatment At home if strong support system (24 hrs/day) and suicide is episodic behavior Contract with mental health care provider Supportive psychotherapy ½ cases of suicide taking place in an inpatient unit end in law suits. Suicide Prevention
  8. 8. Suicide in Children 3rd cause of death among adolescents Over past 15 years suicide rates in children have decreased—due to increase in SSRI use Suicidal ideation greatest frequency in childhood and adolescence Completed suicides are 5 times greater in males over females Firearms in boys, hanging in boys and girls, toxic substances in girls and CO poisoning in boys most common method
  9. 9. Etiology Genetics  Family suicide studies Biological factors  Low serotonin  ETOH abuse Psychosocial factors  Impulsivity  Depression  High stress
  10. 10. Treatment Hospitalization for  High risk for repeat gesture patients  Psychiatrically disturbed Psycho-education for family SSRIs
  11. 11. Assessment Tools for Suicide Questions about Suicidal Feelings and Behaviors (APA, Practice Guidelines for Assessment and Treatment of the Suicidal Patient, 2nd Ed. Author, 2004)