Mod5 rwjf ncin time mgmt ppt v2


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Mod5 rwjf ncin time mgmt ppt v2

  1. 1. Time Management
  2. 2. Time Management: What is It? What is Time Management? Time management is the ability to plan and control how you spend the hours in your day to effectively accomplish your goals. Time management allows you to: Manage the many responsibilities in your life. Reduce stress and improve the quality of your life. Make better choices about how to balance your commitments. So you can have pride in a job well done.
  3. 3. Time Management: What Gets In the Way? Ten Common Time Management Challenges Setting Personal Goals Multi-Tasking Maintaining a “ To Do” List Taking On Too Much Prioritizing Thriving on “Busy” Scheduling Tasks Effectively Managing Distractions Not Taking Breaks Procrastination You will never FIND time for anything. If you want time you must make it. ~ Charles Buxton
  4. 4. Time Management: The Benefits Time management helps maintain your self-esteem and build confidence in several ways: Feeling like things are under control Knowing when things will get done Fewer mistakes Better moods Have time relax, do fun things, socialize Pacing during the day increases the chances of a good night’s rest More satisfied with your life Not overwhelmed
  5. 5. Time Management: Where Do I Begin? Developing time management skills is a journey . . . that takes practice and support as you find your way to a system that will work for you. Where to begin? In order to begin your practice of time management, you need to have an idea of how you spend your time on any given day. This information is the starting point for organizing, prioritizing, and achieving your goals in the context of competing activities of school, friends, work, family, relaxation and other commitments.
  6. 6. Time Management: Tracking Your Time First Things First: Time Tracking or Time Audits Become aware of how you use your time by keeping track of what you do for a day or two up to a week so that you can get a good picture of how you spend your time. Time tracking can be done any way that you are comfortable – by hand with paper and pencil, on a computer, laptop or tablet, or even on your mobile phone. Only you will see the results, so keep accurate records and don’t judge the results!
  7. 7. Time Management: Time Tracking Tools Forms Templates  Online Trackers Apps There are many time tracking tools available. Pick whatever makes sense for you and start your tracking your time. Time Chart -content/uploads/2012/08/LCOGF022-Where-Does-All-My-Time-Go.pdf Time Use Chart time_use_chart.html Script Your Day for Maximum Time Management Success http:// My Weekly Schedule Time Audit htm ATracker – Daily Task and Time Tracking Lite App (iPhone)
  8. 8. Time Management: Evaluating Your Time Second Things Second: Evalute! Once you’ve tracked your time, you need to take a look at how you spend your time. So….how ARE you spending your time? Learn more about the Time Management Matrix here:
  9. 9. Time Management: The Big Secret Third Things Third: The Secret of Time Management Time Management is the art, the skill and the ability to properly decide on what you are going to invest your time and when. Self Management is the next step in the process once you decide on what and when you are going to invest our time. You need to get your collective abilities together to make that happen. It’s not about managing time that’s important, it’s about managing yourself! When we manage ourselves, and take responsibility for our lives, it’s amazing how we begin to value our time and use it effectively!
  10. 10. Time Management: The Tools of Self-Management What Tools Should You Use? Tools are not “one size fits all.” Find what fits for you. Basic time/self-management tools include: Goal Setting Prioritization Minimization of Distractions/Managing Interruptions Making and Following a Schedule/Making Lists Avoiding Procrastination Resource to find out what tools you need: 
  11. 11. Time Management: Nursing Specific Resources Nursing Specific  Time Management Skills for Nurses  Getting a Grip on Time Management
  12. 12. Time Management: General Resources General Resources  Study Guides and Strategies, Time Management Series  How Poor Time Management Impacts Your Self-Esteem  10 Common Time Management Mistakes  26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I'd Known at 20
  13. 13. Time Management: General Resources General Resources (continued) Time Management Ninja How to Manage Time, Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness Randy Pausch Lecture: Time Management An Introduction to Time Management %20Management/media/time_management_intro/index.htm
  14. 14. Time Management Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed ~ Peter Drucker