Making sign up lists using self-enroll groups


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How to create a sign-up sheet in Blackboard Learn, using a self-enroll group set.

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Making sign up lists using self-enroll groups

  1. 1. Slides available at:
  2. 2. Paper Sign-Up Sheet
  3. 3. Paper Sign-Up Sheet
  4. 4. Situation • Five minute oral presentations • Sign up for one of two days (Oct 9th & 11th ) • Up to 8 students per day
  5. 5. Blackboard Learn Groups
  6. 6. Process Summary • Create a group set • Sign-up Sheet Only • Don’t enable any tools for the group • Set the number of people who can join the group • Use instructions to link groups with dates/times
  7. 7. Steps: Create the Sign-up Sheets
  8. 8. Steps: Make the Sign-up Sheets Available to Students 1. At the top of the menu item list, click on the “+” icon. 2. Select “Tool Link” 3. Add a name, such as “Oral Presentation Sign-Up” 4. Select Type “Groups” 5. Click the option for “Available to Users” 6. Click “Submit” The students will click on this link, on the main menu, to view the sign up sheets.
  9. 9. Slides available at:
  10. 10. SUMMARY • Create Self-Enroll Group Set • Sign-up Sheet Only • Add Group Tool to Main Menu Good web reference: http:// /638/
  11. 11. THANK YOU! Slides available at: