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Presentation on SOUL in MCRHRD

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Presentation on SOUL

  1. 1. Urban Lakes & Water Bodies SOUL – Save Our Urban Lakes Hyderabad India Mobile – 9666593009.
  2. 2. Aims• To conserve and rejuvenate lakes and water bodies in Hyderabad urban agglomeration• To work with government in a partnership of communities and promote a culture of respect towards nature with reference to water bodies• Promote good practices for conservation and restoration of water bodies
  3. 3. IMPORTANCE OF URBAN LAKES• Regulate local / micro climatic conditions• Keep surroundings cool• Regulate flood waters• Minimize economic loss due to flooding• Improve ground water recharging• Support aquatic life• Stop gap habitat for migratory birds.• Contribute towards natural remediation of waste waters.• Silt controlling traps.
  4. 4. SOCIAL SERVICES OF URBAN LAKES• Sustains traditional livelihood.• Offers water based recreational opportunities.• Promotes social life and fabric.• Offers scope for nature study.• Promotes quality of urban life.• Stress and strain relieving centers,• Contributes towards urban economy.
  5. 5. REALITY CHECK• 932 lakes in 1973• 834 in 1996!!• 450-500 (Approx) in 2010!!!• Ownership and Control of Lakes – Huge Confusion for Citizen to Approach – Minor Irrigation Department, GHMC, HMDA, Fisheries Department, Revenue Department, Private Individuals???
  6. 6. MANY REASONS FOR DECAY• Encroachment• Pollution – Domestic and Industrial• Catchment damage• Neglect in Maintenance• Social and Economic shifts – Alienation from communities• Political pressure on Bureaucrats to not act
  7. 7. Encroachment
  8. 8. Pollution
  9. 9. CASE STUDY• HUSSAIN SAGAR• The Hussain Sagar was built in 1575 by Sultan Ibrahim Kutb Shah and its waterspread covered an area of about 8 sq.miles (Imperial Gazetteer, 1909).• Was the main source of drinking water to city till 1930.
  10. 10. HUSSAIN SAGAR -1922courtesy – Mr.Jain, Fotocratfs
  11. 11. More eye on land below waters WHERE IS THE LAND??SYSTEMATIC RECLAMATION LAKE BED -1989
  12. 12. 1989 - 1990tons of fish found dead in hussain sagar.
  15. 15. SYSTEMATIC FILLING near khairatabad fly over
  16. 16. Systematic filling [contd]
  17. 17. Industrial Effluents Balanagar nala
  18. 18. Discharge Through Weirup stream of Viceroy Hotel
  19. 19. Status of surface waters
  20. 20. Discharge of untreated sewage discharges from somajiguda
  21. 21. Pollution followsVisibility range of sagar waters – one feet only Oily sediment
  22. 22. Leakages from industrial effluent carrying pipe
  23. 23. Abandoned Dhobhi ghat –livelihood at stake
  24. 24. Polluted waters supply for washer men
  25. 25. Husain Sagar as per topomap - 1934 Area Ha – 583.78 39
  26. 26. Husain Sagar as IRS P6 LISS III Imagery – 2004Notice how there is built up area within the yellow line!! 48
  27. 27. Impact• Loss of rain water storage capacity• Frequent flooding• Pollution of lake waters.• Ground water contamination• Loss of aquatic species• Loss of traditional livelihood – fishing & washing• Loss of recreational opportunities.• Release of volatile gases and foul smell – air pollution• Increasing local temperature• Loss of aesthetics• Recurring economic loss due to flooding
  28. 28. Disappearing lakes – Why and How• The government agencies have been sanctioning land use change G.Os in Hyderabad – 36 were issued between 2003 and 2007 converting water body to multiple use zone!!• An indiscriminate use of discretionary powers• How can water bodies be conserved with this attitude??
  29. 29. GO 111 and Violations• Issued in 1996 to protect the catchment of Osman Sagar and Himayath Sagar – the drinking water sources of Hyderabad.• No constructions or polluting industries allowed in a 10 km radius• Government apathy and lack of vision have led to many violations – private and government projects – Many educational institutions (close to 40), layouts (approx 200) and government projects like Shamshabad Airport and Outer Ring Road have come up within the restricted area
  30. 30. • Failure to control corporate and private vested interests• IMAX theatre,Miyapur Lake – Cinema Hall (Talkie Town)• Durgam Cheruvu• Lanco township in Manikonda
  31. 31. Pollution Noormohammed kunta near kattedan industrial estatepink color due to discharge of untreated effluents from dyeing industries.
  32. 32. Contaminated lake sediment due to discharge of untreated effluents fromchemical & allied industries,bollaram industrial estate 2002
  33. 33. Private individuals Lake encroachment common problem of urban lakes
  34. 34. Displacement of water by parks, golf courses and cremation grounds Golf Course – Jamali Kunta Parks – Krishnakanth Park Cremation Grounds – Vengal Rao Park
  35. 35. Legal Provisions for Safeguarding Water BodiesWALTA ,2002 – Places a strong emphasis on protection of water bodies Provision in Section 23 to notify water bodies like lakes, village ponds and minor irrigation tanks along with nalas (water course or drainage course) as heritage bodies and conservation areas to prevent conversion of their intended use Can remove encroachments and decide on permissible pollution lelevlsMaster Plan, 2020 All water bodies to have a 30 mtr buffer zone from FTL
  36. 36. Action StrategyNeed to have consolidated data on water bodiesAs of now there is no single agency which has all thedata in one place which makes it difficult tounderstand and engageNeed to work in collaboration with governmentthrough citizen monitoring committeesNeed to take a policy decision banning conversion ofwater bodies.
  37. 37. Citizen ActionPILs filed by citizens on•Hussain Sagar•169 lakes case•GO 111Beautification effortsLotus Lake – Jubilee Hills•Safilguda•Langar House etc
  38. 38. Suggestions to Government• A very good legislation to promote and enhance.• Need to improve enforcement mechanism• Need for greater training to officials on provisions and casestudies• More co-operation to be ensured by active participation of PR,Revenue, Forest and Ground water officials.•In Urban areas departments like telephone and electricity shouldbe monitored and trained to comply with WALTA Act.•Urban water for sale groups to be strictly regulated and penalisedfor offences if any.•Notify more water bodies as heritage and conservation areas togive more protection and also discourage wrong-doers•Involve communities in conservation efforts to ensuresustainability.
  39. 39. THANK YOU