BRTS in Hyderabad


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small presentation i made for APSRTC employees union on BRTS project in Hyderabad

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BRTS in Hyderabad

  1. 1. BRTWhat’s in it for Hyderabad?
  2. 2. BRT – Overview• BRT stands for Bus Rapid Transit.• It is one of the most cost effective and efficient Public transport option for Major cities.• Compared to Metro or Monorail systems it is cheaper by 10 times.
  3. 3. What is new ?• The BRT is similar to normal bus transport but has some distinguishing features which are: -• Low Chasis Buses.• Dedicated Road.• Longer and Luxurious Buses.
  4. 4. What does it Look Like ?
  5. 5. The Bus
  6. 6. The Dedicated Route
  7. 7. Is it Expensive to Build ?• No, The total cost including New Buses, Road demarcation, Road widening costs including land acquisition will be Rs. 408 crores while the Metro project will cost around Rs.4200 crores to cover the same route according to govt.estimates.
  8. 8. Is it costly for Passengers ?• It is going be at least 33% cheaper than metro fares and will cost same as the present day Veera/Metro Liner fares.
  9. 9. Where did you get the numbers from ?• ITDP (The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy) with financial aid from USAID(US Agency for International Development) has done a study on the feasibility and viability of the project and submitted it to MCH in March’ 2005.• The MOU between MCH & ITDP was signed in June’ 2005.
  10. 10. But isn’t Metro supposed to be better ?• Let us compare –
  11. 11. Cost to build – 10 times more expensive than BRT
  12. 12. Cost to passengers• Travel Cost Effect on Demand for Three Mass Transit Systems Metro Monorail BRT• Projected Fare(Rs) 10.5 14 7• % difference bus 50% 100% 0%• Effect On demand -25% -50% 0%
  13. 13. Time Savings• Travel Time Effect on Demand for Three Mass Transit Systems• Metro Monorail BRT• Time Savings (mins) 17 17 21• Value of time saved(Rs) 2.8 2.8 3.4• Percentage savings 41% 41% 49%• Effect on Demand +20% +20% +24%
  14. 14. • The time savings in Metro are low because the stations will be elevated, and the distance will be atleast 1 km between two stations while BRT stations are on ground and easy to access and also close to next one – 450 metres.
  15. 15. Metro Stations
  16. 16. BRT Stations
  17. 17. What is the Status of the Project?• BRT system has been shelved and the Govt. wants an elevated Metro for Hyderabad.
  18. 18. Reasons for Shelving the Project-Too many questions unanswered.• The MCH doesn’t even accept initially that the project was concieved.• On pressure by using RTI Act they say it is with the MAUD.• There is no Cost Benefit Analysis Comparision between the two systems even though the investment of public money is close to 4200 crores.
  19. 19. Do we have a right to ask ?• In New York State the Local authorities gave the proposal and various alternatives to the public and after holding stakeholder meetings the Public voted for BRT and the state is now implementing the project after the consensus from the local people.• Why don’t we have right to decide when we are trying to follow USA in its model of Development ?
  20. 20. What Should we do ?• Ask the government to make all the documents related to both proposals available in various local Govt. offices in the city and at least at district head quarter level in other areas.• Pressurize the Govt. to Conduct an opinion poll after giving sufficient time to people to deliberate and arrive at a decision.• Make the Govt. accept and implement the project which has a majority mandate.