Tools and Platforms for OpenFlow/SDN


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SDN Meetup talk on 8/29/2013 on OpenFlow SDN tools and platforms.

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  • Miniedit is a tool for creating topology. If you want a reverse tool you can use Mininet Topology Visualizer:
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  • Two of them have to do with logical centralization of the control plane and design of Network OS. Number 1, will the Network OS become a performance bottleneck? Or can we scale the Network OS horizontally as we need more horse power? Number 2, will the Network OS become a single point of failure? Or can we make the Network OS and the control plane fault tolerant? The third question has to do with Northbound API. What is the best abstraction the Network OS can offer to application writers that enables reusable and pluggable network control and management applications? ONOS attempts to address exactly these issues…
  • Tools and Platforms for OpenFlow/SDN

    1. 1. Tools and Platforms for OpenFlow/SDN Umesh Krishnaswamy
    2. 2. About Open Networking Lab  Non-profit lab founded in 2012  Mission to develop, distribute, support open-source tools and platforms for SDN  Projects:  Mininet: emulate an OpenFlow network on your laptop/EC2  Flowvisor: share OpenFlow switches  Open Network OS: distributed SDN controller  OpenvirteX: network hypervisor  OpenCloud: unified service orchestration in a cloud
    3. 3. Early SDN Activities Platform Development 2007 – Ethane 2008 – OpenFlow 2009 – FlowVisor, Mininet, NOX 2010 – Beacon 2009 – Stanford 2010 – GENI started and grew to 20 universities 2013 – 20 more campuses to be added Deployments Demonstrations 2008-2011 – SIGCOMM 2011 – Open Networking Summit, Interop 2012 –Define SDN research agenda for the coming years And Beyond Invention 2007 – Creation of SDN Concept
    4. 4. Exponential Interest in the Industry Networking is cool once more!
    5. 5. Lots of Problems and Ideas… Let us drill into one problem
    6. 6. Inter-Datacenter WAN Traffic Engineering  Inter-site traffic is huge and growing.  Critical for search, video, cloud computing, enterprise applications  Think Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft  Multiple $100M annualized cost  Poor utilization of inter-DC WAN links  30-40% per Google B4 paper  30-50% per Microsoft SWAN paper  Existing solutions (MPLS-TE) do not work for these end-users  Poor coordination with applications  Distributed resource allocation is not optimal
    7. 7. Inter-DC WAN Solution Datacenter WAN links A B C D 10G 10G 5G App 1 (A to C) Demand 20G Allocated 20G App 2 (A to C) Demand 10G Allocated 5G
    8. 8. Approaches to build this solution  Google built an OpenFlow WAN called B4 to solve this  Let us see if a solution is possible with open source software and hardware  Integrates work from:  Open Compute Project  Open Networking Foundation  Goal is to show you how pieces fit into an SDN solution
    9. 9. Packet Forwarding Packet Forwarding Packet Forwarding Packet Forwarding Packet Forwarding Software Defined Network (SDN) Control plane physically separate from data plane Single control plane controls several forwarding devices
    10. 10. Central TE Server Open Compute Switch OpenFlow AgentSDN Controller SDN apps: TE, Routing, Flow OpenFlow Linux OS Commodity Server Linux OS Datacenter Site Controller cluster DC Gateway switches A Disaggregated Solution Northbound API
    11. 11. ONOS: Open Network Operating System
    12. 12. SDN Controllers  Open Source OpenFlow/SDN controllers  NOX  POX  Beacon  Ryu  Trema  …  Closed-source OpenFlow/SDN controllers:  Nicira ONIX  HP Flare  …  SDN projects:  Project Floodlight  Project OpenDaylight
    13. 13. Scale-out? Fault Tolerance? Retain global global network view? Motivation for ONOS Distributed Network OS Community needs an open source distributed SDN OS
    14. 14. ONOS High Level Architecture Host Host Host Titan Graph DB Cassandra In-Memory DHT Instance 1 Instance 2 Instance 3 Network Graph Eventually consistent Distributed Registry Strongly Consistent Zookeeper ONOS core Floodlight ONOS core Floodlight ONOS core Floodlight
    15. 15. Video clip of demo from ONS 2013
    16. 16. Cassandra Zookeeper Link Discovery Flow Programmer Flow maintainer Path Computation Switch Manager Device Discovery Proxy ARP ONOS Apps Curator Titan Graph DB Ops Event Framework Registry ONOS Internals OpenFlow DriverPacket IO Loop App Framework REST
    17. 17. ONOS Development VM
    18. 18. SDN-IP: Routing between SDN and IP Domains
    19. 19. IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP IP SDNSDN SDN How can we seamlessly peer between SDN and IP networks?
    20. 20. SDNIP IP IP IP ONOS BGP Daemon RIB RoutingRIB Sync BGP routing updates IP Routing in SDN
    21. 21. SDN-IP implementated as an ONOS App Proactive Flow Installer Prepopulate flows based on BGP updates ZebOS BGPd RIB RIB pusher External BGP peers Prefix, Nexthop, Attributes BGP Route RIB RIB Syncer ONOS Path Computation Discovery Openflo w
    22. 22. REANNZ Deployment eth0 (management interface) SDN-IP + ONOS (VM) Pronto 3780 DPID 0x01 eth1 4 eth0 Pronto 3290 DPID 0x02 eth0 eth2 1 WIX Route servers 2 45 REANNZ PROD 0 REANNZ CORP 46 47 Control plane Data plane To REANNZ CORP Demonstrate that Openflow/SDN can peer with production IP networks Scale: 20K routes (100K routes future) OpenFlow 1.0 (OpenFlow 1.3 future)
    23. 23. Central TE Server Open Compute Switch OpenFlow Agent SDN apps: TE, Routing, Flow OpenFlow Linux OS Commodity Server Linux OS Datacenter Site Controller cluster DC Gateway switches OpenFlow Driver Northbound API SDN Controller
    24. 24. OpenFlow Drivers  Extensive support for OF 1.0  Current OpenFlow standard: 1.3.2  Software switches:  Openvswitch: experimental support for 1.1, 1.2, 1.3  LINC: OF 1.2, 1.3, written in Erlang  Indigo virtual switch: OF 1.0 + extensions + ??  Controllers:  Ryu: OF 1.0, 1.2, 1.3  Hardware switches:  Some claim OF 1.3 support
    25. 25. OpenFlow 1.3 Driver Competition  Run by ONF  Demonstrate compliance with OpenFlow 1.3.1  Bindings to C/C++, Java, Python, Ruby  Integrate into controller and OpenFlow switch agent  Winning entry will be licensed under Apache 2.0 and GPL
    26. 26. Central TE Server Open Compute Switch OpenFlow AgentSDN Controller SDN apps: TE, Routing, Flow OpenFlow Linux OS Commodity Server Linux OS Datacenter Site Controller cluster DC Gateway switches Open Compute Switch Northbound API
    27. 27. Open Compute Switch  Run by Open Compute Project  Specification and reference box for a top-of-rack or edge switch  Fit in 19” telco rack and Open Rack, Depth 24-26”. Height 1-2RU  2 AC PSU choices: 80VAC – 240VAC, 200-305VAC  2 DC PSU choices: 48VDC, isolated 12V to 12V  Front to back airflow  Power: TBD  Management processor: ARM, IPMI support (temp, fan speed, reset)  Control processor: PowerPC, x86 (AMD, Intel)  Ports:  48-port 10G (SFP+, Cu below 10G) + 4x40G or 1x100G uplink  Software:  ONIE boot to any OS  SDK to switching ASIC: needed for OpenFlow agent
    28. 28. A Look in the Rear View Mirror
    29. 29. Open Compute Switch OpenFlow AgentSDN Controller SDN apps OpenFlow Linux OS Commodity Server Linux OS Site (DC, Campus, POP) Controller cluster The Road Ahead Northbound API OpenFlow Switch