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  4. 4. Welcome to you all Presentation of Laxmi Mittal Good Morning to everyone
  5. 5. Laxmi Nivas Mittal the steel man • Indian born British tycoon • Born on 15th June 1950 Rajasthan • Family moved Kolkata from Rajasthan • His father Mohanlal Mittal a set up a steel mill in Kolkata Biography of Laxmi Mittal
  6. 6. Finished his bachelors degree in business and accounting Mittal began his early career in his fathers steel firm in the early 70s In 1976 Mittal moved to Indonesia and acquired a steel plant ISPAT INDO. His success has largely been built on buying up loss making steel owned mills and quickly turning them around.
  7. 7. History of Mittal Steel  Mittal Group got into steel industry in 1976 when M L Mittal left country because of India’s restrictive economic policies. He went to Indonesia to set up ISPAT INDO.  Group started spreading its activities across the globe in 1989 when it acquired an ailing plant in Trinidad and Tobago which was revived.  1994 group underwent partition of business interest in the family. All the foreign business were hived of into a separate group ISPAT International under the control of L N Mittal while Indian operations remained with his younger brothers P K Mittal and V K Mittal
  8. 8. Steel man L N Mittal
  9. 9. Acquisitions
  10. 10. Qualities • Hard working • Outstanding vision • Convincing, Motivating and guiding • Zeal and fierceness • Capacity to lead • Bravery
  11. 11. LEADERSHIP STYLE A transactional leader: Mittal is a transactional leader who guides and motivates his followers in the direction of established goals by clarifying role and task requirements.
  12. 12.  A great individual  A corporate leader in business  Started the trend of mergers around the world  A caring family man  A complete human being
  13. 13. This is not about creating a giant ….its about creating the sustainability of the steel industry..” -Lakshmi Niwas Mittal
  14. 14. Laxmi Nivas Mittal
  15. 15. • Mittal's house in Kensington, London is decorated with marble taken from the same quarry that supplied the Taj Mahal. The extravagant show of wealth has been deemed the "Taj Mittal."
  16. 16. Mittal paid over £30 million to host his daughter Vanisha's wedding celebration in Vaux le Vicomte on 22 June 2004 and an engagement ceremony at the Palace of Versailles on 20 June 2004, the world's most expensive wedding ever. He even hosted a Bollywood night where superstars like Rani Mukerji, Saif Ali Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai performed. Kylie Minogue also sang on stage.
  17. 17. Aditya Vanisha Laxmi & Usha Mittal Family His son, Aditya Mittal, is the CFO of Arcelor Mittal. Mittal has two children.
  18. 18. • Born : June 15,1950 Sadulpur, Rajasthan, India • Early years in India Extended & Poor family • 20Lived on bare floors & Slept on rope beds & Cooked on open fire in the brickyard on the house built by his grandfather. • Grandfather worked for Tarachand Ghanshyam Das firm • Family moved on to Calcutta
  19. 19. Lakshmi Narayan Mittal alias Lakshmi Niwas Mittal was born into a Marwari business family in Churu district of Rajasthan, India. His family moved from (Rajgarh) Sadulpur, Rajasthan to Calcutta in West Bengal. He graduated from St. Xavier's College, Calcutta with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in business and accounting with first class. He has two siblings (brothers) named Pramod Mittal and Vinod Mittal. His father, Mohan Lal Mittal, ran a steel business, Nippon Denro Ispat. Until the 1990s, the family's main assets in India were a cold-rolling mill for sheet steels in Nagpur and an alloy steels plant near Pune.
  20. 20. Lakshmi joined his family steel business soon after he graduated from college. Lakshmi Mittal (1950 - present) is the chairman and chief executive officer of the world’s largest steel company, ArcelorMittal. He worked in the family’s steel enterprise in the 1970s until beginning his own steel company in 1976. According to Forbes magazine, Mittal was worth $31.1bn in 2011. In 2011 he was named the world’s most powerful Asian in the UK, according to Eastern Eye, a weekly British newspaper.
  21. 21.  1960: Born in Sadulpur, Rajasthan India. 1976: He commenced his career with his father's steel business. 1996: Won the Steel Maker of the Year from New Steel. 2003: He established L.N.M. Institute of Information Technology in JPR 2004: Bestowed with the Entrepreneur of the Year and European Businessman of the Year. 2006: He took over Arcelor, one of the largest steel companies. 2007: The Padma Vibhushan was given by the Indian government and the Grand Cross of Civil Merit by the government of Spain. 2008: Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award was granted to him
  22. 22. Awards and honors Year of Award or Honor Name of Award or Honor Awarding Organization 2010 "Dostyk" 1 Republic of Kazakhstan. 2008 Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award Forbes. 2007 Padma Vibhushan President of India. 2007 Grand Cross of Civil Merit Government of Spain 2007 Dwight D. Eisenhower Global Leadership Award Business Council for International Understanding. 2007 Fellowship King's College London. 2004 European Businessman of the Year Forbes. 2004 Entrepreneur of the Year Wall Street Journal. 2004 8th honorary Willy Korf Steel Vision Award American Metal Market and World Steel Dynamics. 1996 Steel Maker of the Year New Steel.