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Critical issues in economics of retailing


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Critical issues in economics of retailing

  1. 1. CRITICAL ISSUES Economics of Retailing
  2. 2. ‘Retail’, The Literary…
  3. 3. Retailing: Then & Now
  4. 4. Retailing: Broad Categorization
  5. 5. Issues That Can’t Be Overlooked Supply Chain Growth & Innovation Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Human Resource Limited Consumer Insights Lack of Data Analysis Inadequate Utilities IT Infrastructure Hurdles Insufficient Government Incentives Legal & Policy Related Issues.
  6. 6. Consumer Insight
  7. 7. Role & Objective of Retailers
  8. 8. Lack Of Consumer Insight
  9. 9. How To Overcome?
  10. 10. Role Of Retail In Nations Economy
  11. 11. Growth Factors Of Retailing In India Rising Incomes – Strong Economy Growing young working population Urbanization of Indian Society Changing Consumer Preferences Collaboration among retailer, vendors, mall developers Rise of pure retail companies Technological Advancements Supply side factors Demand side factors Retail Growth
  12. 12. Ways To Bolster Retail Industry First and foremost is Growth and Innovation itself.* Innovation is in the eyes of the beholder* Customers no longer think only in terms of channels in retail. Instead, they may think in terms of solutions to develop and maintain a well-defined talent strategy that yields well-trained associates providing an opportunity for customers to share feedback with retailers is imperative need to capture superior, tangible value from growth investments, enhance the core business, rigorously select and prioritize the right levers, and work to use growth levers to be more nimble and effective Perform a customer and channel profitability analysis. Perform a market entry and strategy analysis. Perform a channel strategy and analysis. Optimize sales force effectiveness. Increase company understanding of the value of IT Innovation. Access companies information decision and support technologies. Post-deal integration including defining integration strategy and integrated operating model, capturing all sources of value, planning and program managing the enterprise wide integration effort and functional support across the full breadth of impacted business functions.
  13. 13. Budget: 2013's Impact On The Retail Sector
  14. 14. FDI Policy In Indian Retail Sector Single Brand Retail Trading Multi-Brand Retail Trading 100% 51% FDI in Multibrand retail
  15. 15. Front End Operations Front End Operations Back End OperationsBack End Operations Store Operations Store Operations Merchandising Logistics & Distributions Marketing Procurement / Purchase Corporate Services
  17. 17. Issues Persisting
  19. 19. Grievances In Supply Chain Management
  20. 20. HR Issues In Modern Retail
  21. 21. Common Challenges
  22. 22. HR Factor In Retail: Largely Ignored
  23. 23. Key Focus Areas for HR
  24. 24. Go Forward Plan