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Security Tracking System


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Security person movement at Day and Nigh time is task, which needs to be tracked.
With normal it is very difficult to track these things specially in Night time.
Either you need big setup like, lots of Camera Installed in premisses. One of more person needed to have vigilance on things.

Rather than this, ARUMAN has developed a system, which can track security movement in premisses.
You can set your own path which security person needs to follow on given day.
With this system paths can be altered in few minutes of time.

This system can provide you alerted if security person skipped particular location or time.
You can have report to look into for better analysis and vigilance.

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Security Tracking System

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  2. 2. Company Profile 1 RFID Integrated Java Applications 2 Enterprise Level Java Application Development 3 Resource Management services. 4 Oracle ADF Application Development 5 Mobile Application Development 6 Remote database support 7 Education Transforming Business Needs into Solutions
  3. 3. 1 Problems 2 Benefits And Needs 3 Requirements. 4 Complete Scenario of Security Tracking. 5 How it works
  4. 4. 1 Reporting Issues of Security Person. 2 Loss Of Assets. 3 Lack of sufficient knowledge regarding Areas 4 Wastage Of Resources & Money 5 Insufficient Of Surveys
  5. 5. 1 systems designed to meet specific requirements 2 Improving the protection 3 Easy To manage Location 4 Location Visualised 5 Can see correct time of security visit location 6 Easy to manage Security Person
  6. 6. 1 Timing Chip Reader 2 Timing Chip 3 ARUMAN Software.
  7. 7. Security Person First Location Second Location Information are loaded to system using Reader
  8. 8.  Time Chip Is Register And Allotted To Required Location.  Security Person Is register and allotted a timing chip.  Path and graph generated as per Administrator for Rounds.  Security person visit on location and detect the chip with Chip reader.  Information are capture and uploaded to the system for Reports.
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