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Money pad


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Money Pad the future wallet

Published in: Education
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Money pad

  1. 1. Money Pad, The Future Wallet By, V.Umesh Kumar
  2. 2. Keywords Introduction Credit and Debit cards Smart cards Electronic purses Money pad Uses Design of the system Field of implementation Conclusion.
  3. 3. Introduction Biometrics. Security. Finger Print recognition. Forms. Accessing. Authorization. E-cash. E-cheque.
  4. 4. Credit and Debit Card Definition` Providing details. Transactions over Internet. Processing.
  5. 5. Smartcards Definition Uses. Memory. Accessing.
  6. 6. Electronic Purses Flexibility. Relation ship based cards. Financial instrument. Wallet-sized smart cards useful in Buying food, To making photocopies, To paying subway fares.
  7. 7. Money Pad Floppy disk. Consists of peripherals like: A touch sensor and Magnetic disk as its peripherals. Details of the owner. Transactions.
  8. 8. Why use Money pad? Instant clearing of funds Avoids the insecure way of carrying money Provides strong security Can be meet by a common man Avoids the nuisance of renewing
  9. 9. Design of the system
  10. 10.  The accuracy of any biometric system is measured in two ways • False Acceptance Rate — Where an impostor is accepted as a match • False Rejection Rate — where a legitimate match is denied access
  11. 11. Fields Of Application Applicable in e-banks and in any kind of e-transactions Can be used to carry out remote transactions Useful to carry Digital cash Utilization of personal data in filling order forms Applicable in m-commerce transactions Applicable in daily life
  12. 12. Conclusion For a digital currency system to attain widespread recognition and use the following three requirements are necessary:1. Instant clearing of funds2. Elimination of payment risk3. Secure transactions using strong encryption Since the Money Pad aims to satisfy the above conditions there is no doubt that in near future it will be widely recommended for use .
  13. 13. Thank You