Road safety presentation from meu south


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Road safety presentation from meu south

  1. 1. Surah Rehman
  2. 2. SLIDE 2 Presentation on Road Safety Mobile Education Unit by
  3. 3. CONTENTS OF PRESENTATION SLIDE 1  Introduction  Diff. between Highway & Motorway  Carriageway marking  Road marking  Causes of accidents  Traffic sign boards  Traffic Light Signals  Safe driving tips  Road safety suggestions  Expectation  Q & A
  4. 4. HIGHWAY Difference between MOTORWAY & HIGHWAY MOTORWAY
  5. 5. MOTORWAY → Class of smooth, unhindered, free flow of traffic road → Accessed at junctions by slip roads link roads. → No Railway crossing, No Traffic signals. → pedestrians, motorcycles, scooters, cyclist, horse riders, slow moving vehicles, agricultural vehicles, construction machinery, hand and animal drawn vehicles, are Prohibited
  6. 6. • Class of road with two or more lanes and hard shoulder in each direction leading towards the different cities of the country. Be sane – keep lane HIGHWAY
  7. 7. No Lane change/ No Overtaking Lane change/Overtaking is permitted
  8. 8. No Lane change/ No Overtaking Lane change/Overtaking is permitted, If opposite lane is clear
  9. 9. Central Reservation Barrier Hard Shoulder Central Reservation Lane 3 Lane 2 Lane 1Lane 3Lane 2Lane 1 Hard Shoulder Verge Verge MOTORWAY Road Marking SLIDE 18
  10. 10. Central Reservation Central Verge Hard Shoulder Central Reservation Lane 2 Lane 1 Lane 2Lane 1 Verge Verge Road Marking HIGHWAY SLIDE 19
  11. 11. Causes of accident • Driver Condition • Vehicle Condition • Road Condition • Traffic Condition • Weather Condition Alert today Alive tomorrow SLIDE 8
  12. 12. Traffic Signs Compulsory Sign Warning Sign Informatory Sign SLIDE 20
  13. 13. Maximum Speed Limit 50 km/hr No U-Turn No Parking SLIDE 21
  14. 14. No entry for Pedestrians No entry Slow Overtaking by goods vehicles prohibited No right turn No entry for goods vehicles No entry for motor vehicles No entry for cycle Road closed Stop for Police post Please educate yourself on what the road signs mean SLIDE 22
  15. 15. U-Turn Turn Right Two Way Traffic SLIDE 23
  16. 16. Carriageway narrows Cattle crossing Left bend Pedestrian crossing Cyclists Two way traffic Children crossing Slippery road Road works Strong cross wind Please educate yourself on what the road signs mean SLIDE 24
  17. 17. Hyderabad 150 km Nooriabad 95 km Hyderabad Nooriabad SLIDE 25
  18. 18. Cafeteria Restaurant Picnic Site Hotel Starting point for walk Tourist attraction Roundabout Hospital ahead With Accident & Emergency facilities Please educate yourself on what the road signs mean SLIDE 26
  19. 19. Safe Driving Tips Dua-e-Safar POWER Driving Seat Drill Importance of Seat Belt Using a mobile Phone Driver Fatigue Motor Cyclist Help Line 130 SLIDE 32
  20. 20. Vehicle Inspection Technique P O W E R P = PETROL O = OIL W = WATER E = ELECTRIC R = RUBBER
  21. 21. Use of seat belt protects from :- The event of sudden application of brakes The unforeseen event of an accident Seat belt Wearing a Seat belt saves lives SLIDE 35
  22. 22. four times more likely to have a crash. - reaction times are up to 50% slower that normal & It is your best companion in any emergency, BUT could be your enemy if used while driving Mobile phone while driving Clip 2Clip 1 SLIDE 42
  23. 23. The best way to prevent driver fatigue is to make sure you have enough sleep before driving -Take a for 10 / 15 minutes every 2 hours. Driver Fatigue Power Nap Drowsiness kills… Make time for a break
  24. 24. Wearing safety helmet is necessary Avoid long coats or other clothes which may get tangled in the chain or wheel. Motor cyclist SLIDE 47 Law abiding is behavior of life
  25. 25. WHO IS THE ENEMY?Motor cyclist
  26. 26. Email : Picture Gallery: MEU South (Face Book) Website: SLIDE 60