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Unit operations of mining


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Unit operations of mining

  1. 1. •These are basic steps employed to produce mineral from deposit. •Theses are of two types 1. Production operations Steps contributing directly to mineral extraction 2.Auxiliary operations Steps which support the production cycle
  2. 2. Unit operations of mining  Unit operations involved in production cycle are divivded in two groups 1. Rock breakage(by drilling and blasting) 2. Material handling(loading,hauling,hoisting)
  3. 3. Unit operations of mining  Production cycle=drill+blast+load+haul.
  4. 4. Unit operations of mining  Surface mining  Several inches hole drilled  Charge inserted  Blasted to reduce ore to fragments  Broken material loaded by excavators  Haulage unit may be trucks ,belt conveyor, rail road cars.  In dimension stone blocks are freed by saws without blasting.
  5. 5.  Video Surface drilling,blasting
  6. 6. Unit operations of mining               Underground mining Smaller drill holes Special machinery Production cycle same as surface mining Auxiliary operations Roof support Ventilation Power supply Pumping Maintenance Lighting Communications etc Waste disposal In suface the first two are not necessary
  7. 7.  Video underground mining cycle.underground drilling,charging,scaling
  8. 8.  Nowadays trying mining to be continuous  Continuous miner video