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  1. 1. Blended Classes: Give it a Whirl Barbara Z. Johnson, Ed.D. University of Minnesota – Duluth
  2. 2. Blended/Hybrid/M-ClassesSome OnlineClassroom LearningLearning ActivitiesActivities Reduced Classroom Time
  3. 3. FlippedClassroomTechEnhanced OnlineLearning Blended Learning Learning100% - 70 % to 20% 20% - 0%70%
  4. 4. Types of Online Activities Synchronous Asynchronous• Same time • Not same time• Live lectures • Recorded lecture• Phone calls • Email• Text or video chat • Discussion forums• Virtual worlds • Blogs and wikis• MMOGs
  5. 5. Online Instruction Paradigms Direct Instruction Constructivist• Recorded lecture • Online collaboration, creation, and sharing • Camtasia Relay • Google apps • Photobooth • Blogs and wikis • YouTube/TeacherTube/Vimeo• Live lecture • ePortfolios • Adobe Connect • Discussions • Elluminate • Moodle (text) • iChat • Voice Thread (multimedia) • Virtual worlds• Virtual worlds • Second Life • Second Life • Active Worlds
  6. 6. Constructivist Example: Introduction to TheaterChallenge: getting students to discuss theatrical productions in depth
  7. 7. Constructivist Example: Introduction to Theater1 View a play2 Online Critique (discussion forum)3 Review and evaluate other students’ critiques4 Instructor reviewed online critiques5 Instructor leads in-class summary discussion of the play and mini-lecture to clarify or deepen understanding
  8. 8. Direct Instruction Example: Math ClassChallenge: Instructor did not like to lecture in front of the class
  9. 9. Direct Instruction Example: Math Class1 Recorded lecture streamed (Adobe Captivate)2 Students viewed in Blackboard (Kaltura plug-in)3 Formative assessment (quiz in Blackboard)4 In-class mini-lectures to address quiz and homework results5 In-class work-through of ill-defined problems related to the topic
  10. 10. Creative/Studio Example: PrintmakingChallenge: Group review and critique of student work
  11. 11. Creative/Studio Example: Printmaking1 Students create work digitally OR scan hand-drawn examples at 6 different stages of development2 Classroom created in Second Life with multiple rooms for display3 Students uploaded their designs and posted in their room in Second Life4 Class met in Second Life to do group critique of designs using voice chat – instructor lead